Sunday, May 7, 2017

U9-11 Meath Track & Field Championships

The u9-11 Meath Track and field Championships takes place on Wednesday the 24th of May from 7pm in Claremont stadium Navan, see programme below. Athletes are only allowed to compete in 2 events out of 4.
The Events are 60m, 500m/600m, Turbo Javelin & Long Jump.

Please bring your entry to training on or before Thursday the 18th of May. 
Entry fee €1 per event, please put your child's Name,  Date of birth and Events they want to take part in on the front of an envelope with the entry fee enclosed. 

Meath Athletics T&F  Championships 2017

U9-11 Age Groups Born 2009,2008,2007

Wednesday May 24th 2017 at 7.00pm

Claremont Stadium Navan



7.00pm U/09 Girls 60m Heats

U/09 Boys 60m Heats

U/10 Boys 60m Heats

U/10 Girls 60m Heats

U/11 Girls 60m Heats

U/11 Boys 60m Heats

Finals of 60m 


U/09 Girls 500m Heats

U/09 Boys 500m Heats

U/10 Girls 500m Heats

U/10 Boys 500m Heats

U/11 Girls 600m Heats

U/11 Boys 600m Heats

Finals of 500/600m

Finals of track events will be held at heat times as numbers allow

The in-field area must be kept clear at all times. 



7.00pm U/10 Girls TurboJav 300g

U/09 Boys TurboJav 300g

U/11 Boys TurboJav 300g

U/09 Girls TurboJav 300g

U/10 Boys TurboJav 300g

U/11 Girls TurboJav 300g


7.00pm U/11 Girls Long Jump

U/10 Boys Long Jump

U/09 Girls Long Jump

U/09 Boys Long Jump

U/10 Girls Long Jump

U/11 Boys Long Jump

7.00pm U/11 Boys High Jump

U/11 Girls High Jump

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