Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Navan Open Sports Sunday 18 Sept 2011 at 12:00pm

The last Track and Field event of the Season takes place Sunday 18Sep in Claremont Stadium Navan and we'd like a large contingent from Ratoath to attend. We'll be sending out a Teamer Text soon to check on availability and you can see the events below.
U/9 Boys & Girls (Born 2003) 60m Ball Throw
U/10 Boys & Girls (Born 2002) 80m Ball Throw
U/11 Boys & Girls (Born 2001) 80m 300m Long Jump
U/12 Boys & Girls (Born 2000) 100m High Jump Long Jump
U/13 Boys & Girls (Born 1999) 100m 600m High Jump
U/14 Boys & Girls (Born 1998) 100m 200m Shot Javelin
U/15 Boys & Girls (Born 1997) 100m 200m High Jump Long Jump
U/16 Boys & Girls (Born 1996) 100m 800m Shot Javelin Long Jump
Novelty Event for Boys and Girls Under 8

JUNIORS ( U/17, U18, U19)
Men & Women 100m 200m 1500m Long Jump Shot Javelin

Men & Women 100m 400m 3000m Long Jump Shot

Men & Women 100m 3000m Long Jump

Senior & Masters Men 3000m is a combined team event. Three to count ( at 3.30pm)
Senior & Masters Women 3000m is a combined team event. Three to count.

Juvenile Boys & Girls under 10-12-14-16 4 x 100m (athletes can move up one year)
Junior Mixed (Men/Women) 4x100m Senior Men and Women 4 x 100m
Relays entry €5 per team

PRIZES First three in all events

ADMISSION Adults/ Car €5 Children Free

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Meeting for Parents willing to assist in the athletics club on Wed 31st August at 9 pm in Ratoath GAA club house.

There is a meeting on tonight Wed 31st August at 9pm in the GAA bar for Parents/Guardians/Grandparents/Adult Siblings who would like to help out at the Athletics Club. We are especially looking for people to help the coaches with an aim to becoming a coach or people who are interested in helping to organise fundraising events etc. The courses run by athletics Ireland are very well organised and great fun to do, and the young athletes love the variety that athletics provides.
I will have Garda Vetting forms with me tonight to be filled out at home and I will have information regarding the vetting program for those interested.
As this is short notice if you are interested but cannot make it tonight please email on or text 0876851261
Thank you,

Monday, August 29, 2011

Little Athletics Training U6-U9 Resumes Tues 6th Note NEW TIMES

Hi All,
Due to our numbers and to keep the training safe and fun we need to change the times of the Little Athletics.

For the Under 6's (born 2006) and Under 7's (born 2005) training will be from 6:15 to 7pm.

The training for the Under 8's (born 2004) and Under 9's (born 2003) will begin at 7:05 to 7:50.

We will need more parental support to do this. If you are going to be there watching your child and do not have to supervise a sibling please contact me on 0876851261 or and I will get the Garda Vetting forms to you. Coaching is very rewarding and made even more so when you have plenty of support and back up so please get in contact with me.

Thank you,

Track Training Resumes Tues 30Aug 7pm

Hi All,
The track training resumes this Tues 30th Aug at 7pm for the U10,11,12,13's. We'll be concentrating on basic fitness and some conditioning exercises.
See you there.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Frank Duffy race in the park

I'd been building up to this since the 8k race last month, which was the first of three in the race series, preparing for the Dublin Marathon. As race day grew closer, things got busier.
My training was all going according to plan and my time trials were going really well, coming in under the goal times each time.
Two days before the race, I said I'd like to get sub-85mins, but hopefully closer to 80mins.
The day before the race (Friday) the wind was howling and it rained on and off. Not good race weather! Then on the morning of the race the skies cleared and the wind all but stopped, it was as if it had been ordered especially for us. I got to Pheonix Park at about 9:10, with the race starting at 10:00, so plenty of time. I was going to bring my water bottle but in my haste to get out the door I forgot it. As it turns out I was fine without it. I jogged over to the start area and got straight in the portaloo queue, which was massive and barely moving. An official came over and told us over a mega phone that there was 5mins to go before the start, but there was still 3 people in front of me in the queue.

By the time I got to the start line for wave 1 the race announcer said there was 5mins to go, apparently the start time got delayed for some reason - just as well.
Pretty soon we were off and the large crowd (over 6,800) were bustling through the park's narrow roads and around the corners and roundabouts. I decided not to let my pace bother me for the first 2-3k, as the crowd would be an issue. After that I started to push myself to just over a 5:00/k pace and held it there. First water station at 4k, then some uphills with S bends. The side wind on Chesterfield was a welcome relief from the heat and lack of wind in other parts and pretty soon it was on to the second lap. I felt strong and took my only gel at around the 9k mark.
Pushing up the last hill I still felt good so I kept the pace up. At the top there was about 600-700m left and I gave it everything.

I crossed the line at 1:21:23, well under my 85mins estimation and goal. Anyway, I'm delighted with the time I got and am now looking forward to the third in the race series next month, the Dublin Half Marathon...


Sunday, August 21, 2011

Double Gold and Triple Bronze for our Masters Sprinters in the Irish Masters Track and Field Championships in Tullamore today

Welldone to Ratoath's Colm Keogh and Peter Doherty in the Masters Track and Field Championships in Tullamore today.

Colm was Gold medal winner in the 100m and 200m today in Tullamore with Peter Doherty getting the Bronze in the 100m,200m and 400m. This is a continuation of winning form for Colm who has been a stalwart competitor for Ratoath over the years. For Peter this is a great end to a year in which he decided to start back training last October (for the first time since leaving college) and has gone from strength to strength culminating today in 3 Season's Best performances.

Friday, August 19, 2011

Micky Ruben Jamaican Sprints Coach in Carlow tonight Fri Aug 19th

Brilliant night of coaches education. Micky Ruben gave a master class on the importance of the core and an excellent demonstration of exercises to strengthen all parts with special emphasis on the back.
To cap it off we had Asafa Powell and Kelsey Spencer with their physio Anthony 'Star' Geoghegan answering questions for 35 mins at the end of the evening.
Special thanks to St Laurence O'Tooles for organising this great night.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Free Nutrition Workshop for Athletes in Claremont Stadium Navan 4pm Today

Sorry for the late notice but I've just been advised about a nutrition workshop being held in Claremont Stadium today at 4pm specifically for athletics. Pre and Post race drinks and shakes, pancakes for energy and snacks for inbetween events all home-made way cheaper than the shop bought equivalents.

This workshop is held in the kitchen so that you can see how these are made and taste them there and then.

Highly recommended
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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Tara AC 5km Fri 26th Aug 7:30pm

Great Fun Run for all the family with entry for Adults and Children. Just click on the title for the the link to the Run Ireland site.