Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Navan Open Sports Sunday 18 Sept 2011 at 12:00pm

The last Track and Field event of the Season takes place Sunday 18Sep in Claremont Stadium Navan and we'd like a large contingent from Ratoath to attend. We'll be sending out a Teamer Text soon to check on availability and you can see the events below.
U/9 Boys & Girls (Born 2003) 60m Ball Throw
U/10 Boys & Girls (Born 2002) 80m Ball Throw
U/11 Boys & Girls (Born 2001) 80m 300m Long Jump
U/12 Boys & Girls (Born 2000) 100m High Jump Long Jump
U/13 Boys & Girls (Born 1999) 100m 600m High Jump
U/14 Boys & Girls (Born 1998) 100m 200m Shot Javelin
U/15 Boys & Girls (Born 1997) 100m 200m High Jump Long Jump
U/16 Boys & Girls (Born 1996) 100m 800m Shot Javelin Long Jump
Novelty Event for Boys and Girls Under 8

JUNIORS ( U/17, U18, U19)
Men & Women 100m 200m 1500m Long Jump Shot Javelin

Men & Women 100m 400m 3000m Long Jump Shot

Men & Women 100m 3000m Long Jump

Senior & Masters Men 3000m is a combined team event. Three to count ( at 3.30pm)
Senior & Masters Women 3000m is a combined team event. Three to count.

Juvenile Boys & Girls under 10-12-14-16 4 x 100m (athletes can move up one year)
Junior Mixed (Men/Women) 4x100m Senior Men and Women 4 x 100m
Relays entry €5 per team

PRIZES First three in all events

ADMISSION Adults/ Car €5 Children Free

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