Saturday, April 26, 2014

Meath Inter Club League- Day 2 Wednesday April 30th

Day 2 of the Meath Inter Club league takes place this Wednesday at Claremont Stadium, Navan. Events for u9,10,11,12,13,14,15,16, Junior, Senior and Masters. We would like to encourage all of our athletes to compete in this league, full list of events are posted below. Starting at 7pm sharp, please be there at 6:45 for warm up.

Program: Day 2

Boys & Girls

Long Jump   
Ball Throw    
Ball Throw
High Jump
Long Jump

            Junior, Senior & Masters 800m:- 8.30pm   
800m & Discus

1. Juveniles can only compete in their age group.

2. Max. 2 events per athlete.

3. Club’s best 20 scores to count from each leg.

4. First 3 Clubs to medal in Section A, next 3 to medal in Section B, and so on in Sections C, D, E etc. until all Clubs classified.

5. Maximum two attempts at each height in high jump.

6. Club entry fee to League - €20.00

7. Junior, Senior & Masters Field events take place at end of night

Further League Dates: May 28th, June 18th

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Fit4Life 5km in Malahide

There was a fantastic atmosphere in Malahide this morning as over 60 members of our fit4life lite group came to run, jog and walk their way around the parkrun 5km route.
The sun shone and though there were plenty of nerves prior to the start they all made it around.  The third time up the hill at the end was definitely reported as tough :0

Big smiles all round prior to the start.

The coffee and scones went down well with the war stories of the run.

Thanks to all the volunteers in Malahide and specially to our volunteer coaches who gave their time over the last 7 weeks to share with the group the reason why they love to get out there and run, jog and walk. They hopefully have shown that with a little bit of dedication, (2-3 times a week), great things can happen and that with summer on the way they can build on the fitness gained. 

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Meath Track and Field Championships- May 10th & 11th

The Meath track and Field Championships will take place at Claremont Stadium Navan on Saturday and Sunday May 10th & 11th. Please see program below for all event details and start times. Entry fee for these championships is €1 per event for Juveniles and €2 per event for senior and master athletes. Entries close on April 25th, so we will need all entries by Thursday the 24th latest. Please drop in entries on Tuesday or Thursday at 7:30 to the track. Please write the athletes name and events they wish to compete in on an envelope with the entry fee enclosed. Please note entries will not be accepted or made without the entry fee.

Day 2 May 10th 2014
Track Events
11.00am U/09 Girls 60m Heats
U/10 Boys 60m Heats
U/11 Girls 60m Heats
U/12 Boys 60m Heats
U/13 Girls 60m Heats
U/13 Boys 60m Heats
U/14 Girls 80m Heats
U/14 Boys 80m Heats
Finals of 60m & 80m
U/15 Girls 100m Heats
U/15 Boys 100m Heats
U/16 Girls 100m Heats
U/16 Boys 100m Heats
U/18 Girls 100m Heats
U/18 Boys 100m Heats
12.30pm Jun/Sen/Mas Ladies  100m Heats
Jun/Sen/Mas Men 100m Heats
Finals of 100m
1.30pm Jun/Sen/Mas Ladies 400m Heats
Jun/Sen/Mas Men 400m Heats
U/18 Girls 400m Heats
U/18 Boys 400m Heats
Finals of 400m
U/09 Boys 500m Heats
U/10 Girls 500m Heats
U/11 Boys 600m Heats
U/12 Girls 600m Heats
U13 Girls 600m Heats
Finals of 500/600m
U/14 Girls 1500m Heats
U/14 Boys 1500m Heats
U/15 Girls 1500m Heats
U/15 Boys 1500m Heats
U/16 Girls 1500m Heats
U/16 Boys 1500m Heats
Finals of 1500m
2.15pm Jun/Sen/Mas Ladies 800m Heats
Jun/Sen/Mas Men 800m Heats
U/18 Girls 800m Heats
U/18 Boys 800m Heats
Finals of 800m
Field Events
9.00am U/18 Girls Javelin 600g
U/18 Boys Javelin 700g
U/16 Girls Javelin 500g
U/16 Boys Javelin 600g
U/14 Girls Javelin 400g
U/14 Boys Javelin 400g
9.00am U/16 Girls Discus 1.00kg
U/16 Boys Discus 1.00kg
U/14 Girls Discus 0.75Kg
U/14 Boys Discus 0.75Kg
11.00am U/10 Girls TurboJav 300g
U/09 Boys TurboJav 300g
U/12 Girls TurboJav 300g
U/11 Boys TurboJav 300g
11.00am U/13 Girls Shot 2.00Kg
U/12 Boys Shot 2.00Kg
U/15 Girls Shot 2.72Kg
U/15 Boys Shot 3.25Kg
U/18 Girls Shot 4.00Kg
U/18 Boys Shot 5.00Kg
11.00am U/11 Boys High Jump
U/12 Girls High Jump
U/13 Boys High Jump
U/14 Girls High Jump
U/15 Boys High Jump
U/16 Girls High Jump
U/18 Boys High Jump
U/13 Girls High Jump
1.30pm Jun/Sen/Mas Ladies High Jump
Jun/Sen/Mas Men High Jump
11.00am Jun/Sen/Mas Ladies Long Jump
Jun/Sen/Mas Men Long Jump
U/09 Girls Long Jump
U/10 Boys Long Jump
U/11 Girls Long Jump
U/12 Boys Long Jump
U/14 Girls Long Jump
U/14 Boys Long Jump
U/13 Boys Long Jump
U/16 Girls Long Jump
U/16 Boys Long Jump
Day 3 May 11th 2014
Track Events
11.00am Junior/Senior/Mast Ladies/Men 3000m Walk
U14/U15/U16 Girls/Boys 1500m Walk
Hurdles Height
11.00am U/12 Girls 60MH Hurdles 68.6cms
U/12 Boys 60MH Hurdles 68.6cms
U/13 Girls 60MH Hurdles 68.6cms
U/13 Boys 60MH Hurdles 68.6cms
U/14 Girls 75m Hurdles 68.6cms
Finals of Above Hurdles as Required
U/14 Boys 75m Hurdles 76.2cms
U/15 Girls 80m Hurdles 76.2cms
U/16 Girls 80m Hurdles 76.2cms
U/18 Women 100m Hurdles 76.2cms
Finals of Above Hurdles as Required
U/15 Boys 80m Hurdles 83.8cms
U/16 Boys 100m Hurdles 83.8cms
Finals of Above Hurdles as Required
12.30pm Jun/Sen Women 100m Hurdles 83.8cms
U/18 Men 110m Hurdles 91.4cms
Jun Men 110m Hurdles 99.1cms
Sen Men 110m Hurdles 106.7cms
Finals of Above Hurdles as Required
U/10 Girls 60m Heats
U/09 Boys 60m Heats
U/12 Girls 60m Heats
U/11 Boys 60m Heats
Finals of 60m
U/14 Girls 200m Heats
U/14 Boys 200m Heats
U/15 Girls 200m Heats
U/15 Boys 200m Heats
U/16 Girls 200m Heats
U/16 Boys 200m Heats
U/18 Girls 200m Heats
U/18 Boys 200m Heats
Finals of 200m
1.00pm Junior/Senior/Mas Ladies 200m Heats
Junior/Senior/Mas Men 200m Heats
2.00pm Jun/Sen/Mas Ladies 3000M
2.15pm Jun/Sen/Mas Men 3000M
U/09 Girls 500m Heats
U/10 Boys 500m Heats
U/11 Girls 600m Heats
U/12 Boys 600m Heats
U/13 Boys 600m Heats
U/14 Girls 800m Heats
U/14 Boys 800m Heats
U/15 Girls 800m Heats
U/15 Boys 800m Heats
U/16 Girls 800m Heats
U/16 Boys 800m Heats
Finals of 500/600/800m
Field Events
9.00am Junior/Senior/Mas Ladies Javelin
Junior/Senior/Mas Men Javelin
U/15 Girls Javelin
U/15 Boys Javelin
U/13 Girls Javelin
U/13 Boys Javelin
9.00am U/15 Girls Discus
U/15 Boys Discus
U/13 Girls Discus
U/13 Boys Discus
11.00am U/09 Girls TurboJav
U/10 Boys TurboJav
U/11 Girls TurboJav
U/12 Boys TurboJav
11.00am U/12 Girls Shot
U/14 Girls Shot
U/14 Boys Shot
U/16 Girls Shot
U/16 Boys Shot
U/13  Boys Shot
11.00am U/11 Girls High Jump
U/12 Boys High Jump
U/14 Boys High Jump
U/15 Girls High Jump
U/16 Boys High Jump
U/18 Girls High Jump
11.00am Junior/Senior/Mas Ladies Triple Jump
Junior/Senior/Mas Men Triple Jump
U/16 Boys Triple Jump
11.00am U/18 Girls Long Jump
U/18 Boys Long Jump
U/10 Girls Long Jump
U/09 Boys Long Jump
U/11 Boys Long Jump
U/12 Girls Long Jump
U/15 Girls Long Jump
U/15 Boys Long Jump
U/13 Girls Long Jump