Sunday, September 29, 2013

Ratoath Ac Cross Country Teams for Even Ages Meath Championships-Sunday 6th October.

The following athletes have been selected for the Meath Cross Country Championships- Even Ages, Which will be held at Greenanstown, Stamullen on Sunday the 6th of October, starting at 12 noon. Any athlete that is not included on the list below and who wish to take part please contact the club by Tuesday evening or let your coach know at training on Tuesday.
The race distances on the day are as follows:
Female Age Male
1000m U10 1000m
1500m U12 1500m
2500m U14 2500m
3500m U16 3500m
4000m U18 6000m
4000m Novice 6000m

Ratoath Ac Cross Country Teams

U10 Girls

U10 Boys
Aimee Doherty U10
Sam Carey U10
Molly Keane U10
Michael Ohaka U10
Ava Fay U10
Mark Wallace U10
Matilda Ruhan U10
Kyle Witter U10
Sophie Quinn U10
Fionn Drummond U10
Laura Kelly U10
Cian Craford U10
Laura Smith U10
Eoin Kane U10
Gracelan Conway U10
Harry O' Connor U10
Aishling Doyle U10

Aoife Casey U10

RachelHue Conway U10

Hannah Bailey U10

Eno Okome U10

Niamh Murray U10

U 12 Girls

U 12 Boys
Emma Coroner U12
Ryan Coroner U12
Orla Hayes U12
Alex Flemming U12
Ella Healy U12
Evun Grant U12
Rachel McPartlin U12
Eoghan Kavanagh U12
Emma O' Connell U12
Stephen Kiernan U12
Saoirse O' Kane U12
Tom Kilgannon U12
Aoife Rutherford U12
Nathan O' Connor U12
Kate Smith U12
Daniel Ohoka U12
Molly O' Toole U12
Matthew Buckley U12
Sophie O' Connor U12

Lily O' Connor U12

U 14 Girls

U 14 Boys
Rachel Doherty U14
Harry Bailey U14
Sophie Dunne U14
Fergal Kilgannon U14
Zara Kane U14
Daragh Casey U14
Karen Hayes U14
Joe Doyle U14
Maria Rogers U14

Ivie Okome U14

U 16 Girls

U 16 Boys
Aine O'Connor U16
Gareth Doyle U16
Amber Roche U16
Alex Hunter U16

Brian Kiernan U16

Philip Marron U16

Peter Kigannon U16

Daryl Browne U16

Eoin Clayton U16

Novice Men

Conor Duncan Novice

Ian Marron Novice

Hugh Kelly Novice

Ian Phelan Novice

John Coroner Novice

Henry Flemming Novice

Monday, September 23, 2013

Star of the Sea Cross Country Report

A group of 24 athletes from the club attended the annual Star of the Sea cross country at Greenanstown, Stamullen yesterday. The weather was glorious and the perfect racing conditions drew a record crowd with over 800 athletes attending the event. With clubs from Westmeath, Dublin, Louth, Kildare, Offaly, Meath and a number of Northern Ireland clubs the competition was fierce and was comparable to regional standards.
 In the first race of the day we had 5 girls competing in the u9 500m event, Laura Kelly ran a great race picking up an individual medal finishing 6th, with her team mates Ellie Mahon, Sophie Green, Niamh Murray and Ella McCarty running well to pick up 3rd in the team event with a score of 55 points. Eoin Kane, Sam Carey Harry O’ Connor and Stephen Walsh competed in the U9 boys event, again we had a great individual and team performance with Eoin Kane finishing 5th and the boys team finishing 3rd overall with a score of 29 points. The U10s were up next, Aimee Doherty finished 2nd in the 500m with a time of 1:36s with Laura Smith finishing 29th, while Fionn Drummond finished 6th in the boys race securing another individual medal. The U11 girls 1000m was won in a terrific time of 3:45s, Aoife Rutherford finished 4th in a time of 3:50, with Lily O’ Connor who had a great run not far behind in 8th and Grace Mahon in 29th, the girls were unlucky just finishing outside the medals in the team event.
Sophie O’ Conor and Kate Smith both ran well in the girls U12 1500m finishing 15th and 17th respectively. Karen Hayes finished 7th in the girls U13 1500m with Zara Kane and Rachel Doherty following close behind. Harry Haskins competed for the first time at Stamullen and found the hills tough in the U13 1800m, but ran a good race and the experience will stand to him for the up and coming Meath Championships.
In the boys U17 4500m the trio of Alex Hunter, Philip Marron and Peter Kilgannon ran a great race to finish second in the team event behind a very strong Mullingar Harriers team, this was a great performance seen that all the lads are u17 again next year. Alex Hunter finished 4th with a time of 15:45, Philip Marron finished 8th in 16:26 and Peter Kilgannon 9th in a time of 16:45, great times considering the tough course.
Congratulations also to Tom O’ Connor who won the M50 6000m in a time of 21:40.
The Meath even ages cross country will also take place at Stamullen in two weeks’ time (Sunday 6th October) and we would hope get out a lot more of our Athletes for this event. If you wish to be entered for this event please let your coaches know this week. Thanks to all parents, coaches and athletes who made the trip to Stamullen for our first outing of the cross country season. 

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Thursday Training 19-9-2013

Training is at the track tonight at 6:30 and 7:30. 
AnneMarie and Tom will be coaching the first session and Peter and Gerry the second. 
Aerobic fitness sessions. 

Star of the Sea AC Cross Country race this Sunday

Our first cross country race which our club will participate in this year will be held this Sunday morning at 11am. Children do not have to be a member of a club to participate so if you have other children with you on the day they can compete if interested.
Cost €3 for juveniles - (3 athletes per team)

Meeting at track at 9.30am Sunday morning and last car will pull out 9.45am at the latest. See below for directions and details of cross country races.

For new comers not used to cross country events: Wear running spikes if you have them or old flat runners. If the course is mucky it can be slippy running in runners. Some athletes will run barefoot as they will have a better grip. (However, keep in mind their little feet can be cold and may get spiked by other kids if huddled together).

Ensure athletes warm up well. Keep warm before their race. Wear hats/gloves/rain jackets and legs if they have them. Don’t strip off too soon before the race.

For the race wear:
Take off all layers and hats etc for the race as they will not be comfortable running in jumpers/jackets or heavy track suit bottoms.
Recommend wearing: Long sleeve Base layer top under our club singlet with either shorts or running tights, socks and spikes.

If it’s raining they will get wet and mucky but that’s all part of the fun.
Bring full change of clothes and jacket and dry socks and runners to go home in. Make sure the kids don’t put their dry socks/runners on to go back into a mucky wet field. Bring extra dry socks/shoes.

If it’s a lovely warm day all the better but prepare for the worst and they will enjoy the day. However, if the weather is bad don’t be put off. The children will have a great time running in the rain and hopefully lots of muck and if they have nice dry clothes to go home in they will be great.
They are a better opportunity to win medals as the first 6 home get a medal and first three teams so our teams will be very important for cross country running. They could be the last person home but still make up a team.

Bring packed lunch and plenty of water to drink.

(If anyone is buying spikes, the leather ones are best for the winter months as they will keep feet a little drier than the soft material ones. Dunboyne Sports stocks spikes and will order in sizes also 8251036. Blondelles will be stocking running tights and other athletics gear shortly 8257711)


Note: Venue will be signposted from Duleek to Julianstown road and from Stamullen village.


GIRLS                                                                      BOYS

RACE 1: U9 500M                                                                 RACE 2: U9 500M
RACE 3: U10 500M                                                              RACE 4: U10 500M
RACE 5: U11 1,000M                                                            RACE 6: U11 1000M
RACE 7: U12 1,500M                                                            RACE 8: U12 1,500M
RACE 9: U13 1,500M                                                            RACE 10: U13 1,800M
RACE 11: U14 2,000M                                                           RACE 12: U14 2,200M
RACE 13: U15 2,200M                                                           RACE 14: U15 2,500M
RACE 15: U17 3,000M                                                           RACE 16: U17 4,500M 





Online entry for Jun/Sen/ Mas races available at Precision Timing:



Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Race day!

Online registration has closed, but you can still register at the Ratoath GAA club this morning. All race numbers to be collected there also. 
Registration closes at 10:30.
Best of luck in the race!

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Online registration re opened until midnight tonight. Click on the road race symbol for the link.

Update Re Juvenile Races

The Age 10 and under and Age 12 and under races will now be held in a field just a short walk from the entrance of the GAA. 
The ground is a bit rough but the field is flat and it will be a cross country type test for the young athletes 1000m in length for both age groups. Bring your spikes if you have them :). 

Registration €2 for the juvenile races, where they'll get their hand stamped, will be near the entrance of the GAA Club and then they will be marshelled to the field. Please be there from 9:30 to get them registered and to the field on time. 

Juvenile Race Trophies :)

Kids Races Goodie Bags now packed and ready 

Thursday, September 12, 2013

6:30pm Cross Country Training Now at the track as Tooles Field is Ploughed up.

As the title says we can't use the field for training so for the younger group we'll be meeting and doing our session at the track instead at 6:30pm.
Session will be similar building fitness.

Gerry and Peter's group will still be training at 7:30pm.

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Final Week 6 of the Beginners Training Plan for Ratoath 5km on Sun 15th Sept. Race Week :)

Goal Run/walking the Ratoath 5km on the 15th Sept and feeling great after it. 

The signs are up, the road is now marked with the painted km marks, you can see the route of the race by clicking the road race link next to this post (look at the web version rather than mobile to see full info.) 
If you aren't registered yet make sure to do it asap to save yourself a few euro and to be in the first 300 registered, assured of getting your race mug. 
We have great sponsors this year specially Conway's Spar on the Fairyhouse road our main sponsor. Please be sure to drop in and give them your support and let them know that you appreciate their sponsorship for this local event and your local athletic club. 

This week is an easy week to just keep the body loose and prepared for the run on Sunday. Give yourself 2 nice easy runs during the week and decide on your run/walk strategy, what mix of running and walking works for you. 

Monday -Rest or easy walk. 

Tuesday - Rest

5mins walk, 8 x (2 min run, 1min walk), 5 mins walk. remember the cues above "Stand tall, quick short light strides, no plodding"  if you find your cadence slowing, your shoulders dropping STOP re focus both your mind and body and start again. 33mins total. NOTE you can decide to use a different run walk ratio to suit yourself but keep the time roughly 30mins.

Thursday - Rest

Same as Wednesday being nice and relaxed. 
Saturday - Rest

Sunday -Race Day :)
On the morning of the race have your breakfast nice and early 8-8:30am, have your running clothes that you are used to wearing ready to wear. Get to Ratoath GAA club nice and early to collect your mug and your race number and get it attached to your teeshirt/race top. Be sure to keep yourself nice and warm wearing warm jumper/jacket, old track suit bottoms. At 10:35 remove the layers, if it is raining then a black bin liner can act as a good wind/rain shelter to get you to the start line. 

The start line is a 10min walk from the clubhouse so give yourself that time to warm up the body in anticipation. Lightly walk and run your way to the line. As you feel the nerves building smile to yourself, relax you are not going to win the race :), you are here to really enjoy the run. Getting to the start line is the first victory. 

Position yourself near the back of the pack remembering that the chip timing will measure your time. When the race starts be careful as there is a slight downhill and with the excitement you can unintentionally start off too fast. Get into your nice light cadence early but remember you are not running on your own so when you are going to transition to a walk break ease over to the side to allow others pass you safely. Keep note of them however as they may well help you around the course giving you a target to follow when you return to your run. 

You can keep to your pre planned run walk schedule right to the end of the race and be really pleased with a job well done. However if you are feeling strong as you pass the 4km marker you can decide to run in the rest of the way, remember to keep your pace steady don't start sprinting just finish strong and with a great grin on your face. Be sure to smile and wave at the cameras as you run in the final stretch.

Collect your goodie bag, put on a jumper to keep warm and keep moving for the next 5-10mins to get a proper cool down from your exertions. Then pop into the club house to enjoy the refreshments and celebrate your run with your fellow runners. 

Keep checking in during the week for updates on the run. There may be traffic restrictions on the Fairyhouse road on the day of the race which might effect people getting to Ratoath but we'll keep you updated as soon as we know the info.

Ratoath AC accept no liability for any accident or injury howsoever caused while using this plan. As always please check with your doctor prior to beginning any strenuous exercise and listen to your body as you exercise and stop if you begin to feel unwell, dizzy etc. Always bring some form of id with you with an emergency contact number. 

Saturday, September 7, 2013

Juvenile X Country Training this Weekend

In a correction to the email I sent out. Gerry is training at Toole's Field at 10 this Sat 7th Sept morning and at Santry Demense tomorrow Sunday also at 10am. 

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Thursday Evening Training

Training on Thursday is divided into 2 groups.
Group 1 Training for Fitness and Beginning Cross Country is at earlier time of 6:30-7:30

O Tooles Field at GAA
Enter though GAA main gate, turn right immediately… Warm up on Grass Area
Main training on O Tooles Field

Wear old runners and shorts (Spikes if you have them)
Lots of cow waste around
Hydrate well during the day
Rain or sun training still on

Group 2 Gerry's Group and Peter's more experienced Cross Country Runners meeting at the track from 7:30-8:15/30

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Little Athletics Returns Tonight in Ratoath College 2008,2007 at 6:15pm 2006 at 7:00pm

Prize Money Decided for the Ratoath AC Spar 5km. 11 am Sunday 15th Sept 2013

Prizes and Categories for the Road Race have now been finalised.
Special thanks to all our sponsors specially Primary Sponsor Conway's Spar on the Fairyhouse Road keeping up a great tradition within the wider Spar Group of supporting Athletics.
Magnet Networks with Fairyhouse Steel have also rowed in behind the race again this year and between them all we are able to offer a great race with cash prizes for those at the top end of the race with mugs and goodie bags for the rest of the runners. (limitations apply)

We can announce that our Winners Prize Pot has greatly increased from last year to €1500.
Our Categories are
1st,2nd,3rd Snr Male and Female.
1st and 2nd Junior Male and Female
1st and 2nd Male and Female Masters O40, O50, O60, and O70.
Note only one prize per person, Juniors who want to be eligible for the Senior Prizes must declare prior to the Start either, on the day registration, or number collection, and the organisers decisions are final.

In our Juvenile Races €2 entry at 10am (be there for 9:30 as they will be ran from 10am sharp).
age 10 and under 600m, Trophies for 1st, 2nd and 3rd Girl and Boy
ages 11 and 12 1200m, Trophies for 1st, 2nd and 3rd Girl and Boy
and we will have sweet bags for 200.

Outside of the Prize Pot in the main race we will have Commemorative Race Mugs for the 1st 300 registered, AND a SPAR Goodie Bag for the first 500 home so get yourself registered HERE straight away.

Our other great sponsors are
Donnelly's Providers
Diamond Drilling
Phoenix Formwork
New Street Taverns
Ratoath Credit Union
The Auld Stand
The Pink Door Ratoath
Edel Daly of the Sports Injury Centre who will be providing on site massage
Sidewalk Catering

Please be sure to drop in and let them know that you appreciate the support that they are giving, knowing that without them all we wouldn't be able to offer such a great event.

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Week 5 Beginners Training Plan for the Ratoath 5km on 15th Sept 2013

Goal: Run/walking the Ratoath 5km on the 15th Sept and feeling great after it.
It's great to see the signs going up advertising the Race make sure to get your registration in nice and early to save yourself a few euro and to be in the first 300 registered, assured of getting your race mug. 
We have great sponsors this year specially Conway's Spar on the Fairyhouse road our main sponsor. Please be sure to drop in and give them your support and let them know that you appreciate their sponsorship for this local event and your local athletic club. 

Rest or if feeling good from yesterday's run - 5mins walk, 8 x (2 min run, 1min walk), 5 mins walk. remember the cues above "Stand tall, quick short light strides, no plodding"  if you find your cadence slowing, your shoulders dropping STOP re focus both your mind and body and start again. 33mins total

Tuesday - Rest

3min Walk, 4 x(5 min run, 1min walk), 5mins walk to finish.31mins total 

Your body should be getting very used to the 1min walks and recovering well even following the 5mins of running. As always if 5mins of quick light running is too long for you now just reduce the run portion to suit where you are at. Most people will eventually find a balance point where they can have a comfortable run walk ratio that works for them and with it they can keep going for as long as they like. You might discover that after the run portion you find yourself looking at the same few meters ahead of you, that the walk allows you to bring your gaze up and see around you. If this is happening you might be getting caught up in the run and not standing tall, with relaxed shoulders, so refocus on your posture and enjoy where you are as you run. :)

Thursday - Rest

Same as Wednesday
Saturday - Rest

Here we'll start the session with a run right from the start just to see how it feels for you. Can you get into your rhythm straight away or do you need the short walk to loosen up slightly? 
Long run Sunday. 
3 mins Run 1 min walk, 6 x (5 min run, 1 min walk), 5 min walk to finish. 39 mins total. As an alternative you can divide the run differently if you are feeling very comfortable with the 5 min runs you might like to see how running for longer feels for you so in this case try 3 min run with 1 walk then 3 x (10 min run, 2 min walk), with 5 min walk to finish. 42 mins total. Try and find for yourself the run/walk ratio that works best for you.

We're in the closing stretch now with just 2 weeks to go and hopefully by now you will be feeling confident that you will be able to finish the 5km feeling great after it, as per our original goal.

Ratoath AC accept no liability for any accident or injury howsoever caused while using this plan. As always please check with your doctor prior to beginning any strenuous exercise and listen to your body as you exercise and stop if you begin to feel unwell, dizzy etc. Always bring some form of id with you with an emergency contact number.