Monday, April 30, 2012


Bank Holiday Monday- 7th May at 4pm at Ratoath AC Track

Register at 3:45pm, €2 Per Child- See below for full list of events.

Dublin Night Run 10k

Weather was 5C, wind 60k gusting 70-90k and heavy rain.
The race was sold out a few weeks in advance with 5,000 registered. Not sure how many were turned away by the cold & rain though.
I decided after looking at all the twists and turns on the course and the weather that I probably wouldn't get a PB and didn't go all out. I ended up accidentally starting one wave slower than I should and spent the first 2k or so overtaking people and catching up to wave two. I then spent the rest of the race dodging people, puddles, wet manhole covers (can be very slippery!) and pedestrian bollards.
When I looked at my surroundings on occasion I realized that it would be a pretty good race for people who wanted to see the city at night (apart from tonight's weather). Lots of turns towards the end, but managed to get 1 sec faster than a recent 10k.
It was very well organized, good quality technical t-shirts and finisher's medals with a free bottle of Powerade at the end.
A great race and a great atmosphere. Runners really seemed to enjoy it - despite the weather!



Bank Holiday Monday- 7th May at 4pm at Ratoath AC Track

Register at 3:45pm, €2 Per Child

Track Events
1. Girls under 8 -60m 2. Boys under 8 – 60m
3. Girls under 10 -100m 4. Boys under 10 -100m
5. Girls under 12 – 1000m 6. Boys under 12 -100m
Finals of events 1-6 if required.
7. Girls and Boys under 4-30m 8. Girls and Boys under 5-30m
9. Girls under 6 – 50m 10. Boys under 6 – 50m
11. Girls under 14 – 100m 12. Boys under 14 – 100m
13. Girls under 16 – 100m 14. Boys under 16 – 100m
15. Girls under 8 – 80m 16. Boys under 8 – 80m
Finals of events 11-16 if required
17. Girls under 10 – 200m 18. Boys under 10 – 200m
19. Girls under 12 – 600m (Final) 20. Boys under 12 – 600m (Final)
21. Girls under 14 – 800m (Final) 22. Boys under 14 – 800m (Final)
23. Girls under 16 – 1500m (Final) 24. Boys under 16 – 1500m (Final)
Finals of events 17-18 if required.
25. Girls under 13 – 900m walk 26. Boys under 13 – 900m walk
27. Girls under 10 – 60m Hurdles 28. Boys under 10 – 60m Hurdles.
29. Girls under 14 – 80m Hurdles 30. Boys under 14 – 80m Hurdles.
Field Events
Girls under 14 Long Puck Boys under 12 Long Puck
Girls under 12 Ball Throw Boys under 12 Ball Throw
Girls under 14 Shot Putt Boys under 14 Shot Putt
Girls under 14 Long Jump Boys under 14 Long Jump
Girls under 16 High Jump

Monday, April 23, 2012

Little Athletics Training: (Outdoors)

As from Tuesday 23rd April little athletics training will take place at the back of Ratoath College. The college is not available to us again until October.

Please ensure all children wear appropriate clothing, rain jackets etc and note that there are NO toilet facilities available.

In heavy rain, we will have no alternative but to cancel. We will send teamer texts whenever we have to cancel training so please ensure that we have the correct number for sending texts. You can check this with Claire during registration.

Meath Inter Club League Day 3 - Wed 25th April 2012

Day 3 of the Meath Inter Club League is on this Wednesday in Claremont Stadium, Navan, at 7pm Sharp, We will be meeting at the Track in Ratoath at 6:10pm and will head in convoy as before. The last 2 nights have been a tremendous success and we want to encourage as many Athletes from all age categories including Juvenile, senior and master to compete in this event. The events for Day 3 are listed below:
Programme: Day 3
Boys & Girls
U9 250m Long Jump- Born 2004
U10 60m Ball Throw- Born 2003
U11 100m Long Jump- Born 2002
U12 100m Ball Throw- Born 2001
U13 600m High Jump- Born 2000
U14 200m Discus 1999
U15 800m Long Jump- Born 1998
U16 100m Discus- Borm 1997
Jun, Sen & Masters: 800m @9.00pm
Jun Sen & Masters Shot Putt at end of evening

Sunday, April 22, 2012

In spite of the showers, a fine day of Athletics in Cushinstown

Special thanks to All the volunteers in Cushinstown AC who helped run a great afternoon of Athletics. The standard was very high with many clubs from outside Meath competing. I haven't a full tally of the results but what made the day special was the whole social side of it for our young athletes. They were with their friends, enjoying the chat as they waited for their turn to jump, throw or run.
There was some fine competing by our athletes with Deirdre Healy winning the Ladies 1500m while finishing 3rd overall in a mixed race. Conor Duncan ran well finishing in 2nd in the senior men's 1500m. Abraham Zaidan and Peter Doherty finished a great 2nd and 3rd in the senior men's 100m. Caroline VanDongeren a late entry into the senior ladies 100m ran well to finish 2nd. Marcus Zaidan ran very well to come second in the U9 80m he also came 3rd in the ball throw. Fionn Drummond threw well to come 2nd in the U9 ball throw. Tom Kilgannon won the U10 80m sprint with a typically strong run. Tom Kilgannon, Aoife Rutherford, Sorcha BroeBrady, and Aimee Doherty came 2nd in the Boys U10 4x100m relay. The relays were held at the end of the day when most of the competitors had left and it might be an idea to have the relays earlier prior to the field events to maximise attendance at this team event.
We had a great number of athletes making it to the final stages of the sprints and as I get their results back I'll post them up here. Please email me the results of your young athlete if they are missing from the post.
Thanks to all the parents who braved the weather and brought the team to Cushinstown, and to our athletes see you all at training on Tuesday and once again on Wed evening in Navan for day 3 of the Interclub League.
Proud Silver Medal Winners

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Visit of Liam Hennessy President of Irish Athletic Association to Ratoath AC

Monica Reilly, Tommy Boshell, Ronnie Quigley and Tom Brady welcomed Liam Hennessy to the track to show him the great facility that we have and to talk with him about the potential for development here in Ratoath.
Special thanks to Liam for taking the time out of his busy schedule to visit us, for his ideas and suggestions, and to Ronnie for organising it all.

Ratoath AC Golf Classic fundraiser!

We are holding a Gold Classic in Hollystown Golf Club to raise funds for our club. Details below, please print off the leaflet and hand it in when signing in for training, thanks!
You can click on the image to enlarge it.

Meath Primary Schools Relays 25th April 10:30 Ratoath AC Track

Here is the information I have regarding the primary schools relays. They are 4x100m races that will be held in Ratoath Track on Wed 25th April starting at 10:30am would be advisable to get there a little before that for registration. Special Thanks to Ratoath Scouts for use of their facility for parking and use of their hall.

You do not need to pre-register, just turn up on the day and register then. You can enter as many teams as you wish in each age category which are the same as the cross country 1st & 2nd class, 3rd & 4th class, 5th & 6th class girls and boys races. Cost is €1 per team. I hope this helps and looking forward to seeing the Ratoath Teams down at the track.

Monday, April 16, 2012

Training Tues Night 17th. See you there...

Next Sunday 22nd April is Cushinstown AC Outdoor Sports competition. Highly Recommended Event.

See below for a fine choice of events for our young athletes to participate in. As always bring suitable clothing for the day, folding chairs, picnic blankets as it is a full day of events. Shot putt, High Jump and Long Jump are starting earlier at 12pm. All our under 9,10,11's and up can do the long jump and ball throw and the under 12's+ can do the long jump, and the shot so if they have an interest in these events you'll need to be there before12pm. 

Last year was a fabulous day so here's hoping the sun will shine down on them again this year. Meeting at the club at 11:20 for 11:30 latest departure.

Map for Cushinstown AC 

Cushinstown AC Out doors Sports 2012

Sunday 22nd April 2012

Start Times: 12noon (Sharp) – Shot Putt, Long and High Jumps

1pm - All other events

List of Events

                 U/9                    80m
                       U/9                  80m
U/10                  80m
U/10                  80m
U/11                  80m
U/11                  80m
U/12                100m
U/12                100m
U/13                100m
U/13                100m
U/14                100m
U/14                100m
U/15                100m
U/15                100m
U/16                100m
U/16                100m
U/17                100m
U/17               100m
Finals of above events
Finals of above events
         Ladies                        100m

         Men                           100m

Relays    ( € 4.00 per team )
         Girls         U/11         200m

Entry time will be announced over PA
         Boys         U/11         200m
Boys / Girls  U/10    4x 100m
         Girls         U/12         300m
Boys / Girls  U/12  4x 100m
         Boys         U/12         300m
Boys / Girls  U/14  4x 100m
         Girls         U/14         300m
Mixed *  U/15  4x 100m
         Boys         U/14         300m
Mixed * U/17  4x 100m
         Girls         U/16         300m

* Min 2 Girls per Team
         Boys         U/16         300m

         Girls         U/15         800m

Race  Walk    
         Boys         U/15         800m
Girls          U13    (600 m)
         Ladies                       200m 
Boys          U 13  (600 m)
         Men                          400m 
Girls          U14    (800 m)
         Men’s & Women’s    1500m*
Boys          U 14   (800 m)
* Scheduled 2.30 pm (approx)


Long Jump
High Jump
Ball Throw
Boys and Girls         U/10, 11, 13, 15, 17
Boys and Girls           U/12, 14, 16
Boys and Girls             U/ 12, 14, 16
Boys and Girls           U/9, U11
Senior Men and Women
Senior Men and Women
Senior Men and Women

Two Pits will be used. Standards will apply

Awards for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd in all events.

Eligibility for senior events – U/17 and upwards.
Clubs must ensure that competitors are technically competent in field events for which they are entered, as lack of technique constitutes a danger to the competitor or others. The committee reserves the right to amend the list of events with out notice.

ADMISSION:  € 3.00, Child € 2.00 ( includes entry fee )