Friday, May 27, 2011

Meath 'B' Championships Friday 3rd Jun 7pm Cushinstown

Great Competition for all those athletes who couldn't compete in the Championships or who missed out on an individual medal. Starts at 7pm and will probably run quite late so be prepared and wrap up warm. Contact us on or reply to the teamer text if your young athlete is interested in participating. We'll meet at the club at 6pm on Friday, leaving at 6:10pm.


Events Born

Boys/Girls Under 9



Long Jump

Ball Throw


Boys/Girls Under 10



Long Jump

Ball Throw


Boys/Girls Under 11



Long Jump

Ball Throw


Boys/Girls Under 12



Long Jump

Shot Putt


Boys/Girls Under 13



Long jump

Shot Putt


Boys/Girls Under 14



Long Jump

Shot Putt


Admission €2 per child (covers entry fee to B Championships as well) & €5 per adult


1. Entry on the night

2. Athletes who have not won an individual medal in a field event at the Meath T&F Championships are eligible to compete in Field events in the “B” Championships. Likewise athletes who have not won an individual track medal at the Meath T&F Championships are eligible to compete in Track events in the “B” Championships.

3. All athletes must be registered with National and Meath County Board

4. Only 2 events per athlete.

5. In the field events there will be only 3 attempts per athlete.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Little Athletics Triathlon Challenge update

You may remember a few months back our Little Athletes took part in a Triathlon Challenge in the hall. It consisted of:
  • Jumping from side to side over an obstacle (timed)
  • Balancing on one leg on a bar (timed each leg) and
  • Standing long jump
Well thanks to Athletics Ireland for helping us put it on and for collecting the results! We got the certificates with the scores on them and handed them out this week (pics below). If your child took part, but didn't get their certificate yet then please get in touch.

Congratulations to all who took part! The challenge will be held again later this year. Many thanks to all who helped out on the night.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Leinster relay results

Here's a pic of our u9 Girls 4 x 100m relay team who came third at the Leinster relays today. Many congratulations from us all!
Pictured are Ella, Lilly, Aoife and Ciara.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Recent results from Meath Championships and Leinster Schools

Pictured are the Ratoath AC junior and senior squads that won both senior men relays (4 x 100m & medley relay) and finished second in the junior 4 x 100m at the Meath Championships. Eamon Wallace, Neil Finnegan, Luke Ennis, Peter Doherty, Abraham Zaidan, Josh Byrne, Tom Gannon and Cian O Connor.

The Leinster schools track and field championships were held yesterday in Santry. Deirdre Healy had another excellent run in the junior girls 800m finishing a close third and qualifying for the All Ireland despite being badly hampered when the athlete immediately in front of her at the 300m point took a heavy fall.
Ciaran McCarthy also ran well in the junior boys 1,100m and is definitely one to watch in the future after having made a great improvement this season.

Great to see such a big turnout from our juvenile section and especially the girls teams at last nights Meath relay championships - congrats to coaches and parents. Cannot remember the last time we fielded more girls than boys teams. Below is a list of teams that managed to get into the medals:
Meath Championships 18th May 2011
Relays Girls U 9: 1st team
Girls u 10: 2nd & 3rd team
Senior: (Peter Doherty, Eamon Wallace, Neil Finnegan, Josh Byrne) 1st 4 x 100m 45 sec
Senior: (Neil Finnegan, Josh Byrne, Peter Doherty, Cian O Connor) 1st medley relay 4 min 11
Junior (Tom Gannon, Abraham Zaidan, Luke Ennis, Josh Byrne) 2nd 4 x 100m 49 sec

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Kildare Half Marathon race report

I had been looking forward to this race for a few weeks since I had recovered from Connemara and was hoping to get a new Personal Best (PB) in it. Unfortunately I had strained my right hamstring a couple of weeks before, so I would have less training than I was hoping for. My leg was in constant pain on the day, but I was happy to tough it out and recover well after.

It was overcast on the day and had been raining in the morning, but it eased off during the race, although it was still pretty windy. The start was delayed to allow time for the incoming traffic to park up and the runners get to the start line. But in no time at all the gun went off and we started our course around the Curragh racecourse.
The course wasn't as hilly as some of the other runners had made it out to be, but after Connemara everything is a gentle slope! There's a course map and elevation here.
There were aid stations every 5k, and even some unofficial aid stations put on by the locals. I've never been offered a tea cake during a race before!
The atmosphere was very friendly and I chatted to lots of runners on the way. With about 4k to go I even met with Eimear (another club member) and she took off after a quick chat. I couldn't catch her with my leg feeling the way it did. I heard after that she finished about 3 mins before me - well done!
Coming to the end, seeing the grandstand at the Curragh was great and the last 1k was signposted with the distance left to go: 600m, 400m, 200m and then the finishing chute. 
My official time was 1:50:04, another 5 seconds faster and I would have been under 1:50, arrgh! Not to worry, it was still a PB by over 1 min 30 seconds, so all was not lost. I would definitely do the Kildare HM again and am looking forward to it next year :-)


Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Meath Championship Results Day 3

3,000M 1st Darragh Rennicks Bohermeen, 2nd Neville Reilly Dunboyne, 3rd Morgan Mc Donagh Dunboyne

Mattie Mc Grath Trophy Dunboyne A 14 Points (2-3-4-5) Luke Forde, Neville Reilly, Morgan Mc Donagh, Phelim Glynn, 2nd Dunboyne B

JAVELIN 1st Rory Gunning Fr. Murphy


200M 1st Connor Doran Cush, 2nd Oisin Foley Dunsh, 3rd Chris Higgins Na F

3,000M 1st Luke Forde Dunboyne

JAVELIN 1st Barry Kirwan Navan , 2nd Shane Aston Trim, 3rd Chris Higgins Na F



200M 1st Peter Doherty Ratoath, 2nd Michael Corynan Dunboyne, 3rd Dermot Murray Na F

3,000M 1st Plelim Glynn Dunboyne, 2nd Sean Kinnane Dunboyne, 3rd Ciaran O' Dwyer Dunsh

3000M WALK 1st Sean O' Neill Trim


800M 1st Rob Tully SOS, 2nd Cormac Costello SOS, Ciaran Mc Ginley SOS

110M HURDLES 1st Oisin Foley Dunsh, 2nd Abraham Zaidim Ratoath

LONG JUMP 1st Connor Dorran Cush, 2nd Chris Higgins Na F, 3rd Oisin Foley Dunsh


200M 1st Sean Mc Cullough Navan, 2nd Andrew Buttner St. Andrews, 3rd Connor Rennicks Bohermeen

800M 1st Brian Mc Grath Bohermeen , 2nd Gavin Maher Dunsh, 3rd Connor Rennicks Bohermeen

100M HURDLES 1st Eoin Mitchell Moynalvey -K, 2nd F. Madden Trim, 3rd R. Hunter Ratoath

SHOT 1st Garrett Kelly St, Andrews, 2nd F. Madden Trim. 3rd Niall Coryn Dunboyne

HIGH JUMP 1st Fionnan Madden Trim, 2nd Donal Kearns Tara, 3rd Eoin Sweetman SOS

TRIPLE JUMP1st Eoin Sweetman SOS, 2nd F. Madden Trim 3rd Oisin Walsh Trim


200M 1st Arron Kelly Dunsh, 2nd Luke Mc Cabe Cush, Connor Flanagan Cush

800M 1st Arron Kealy Dunsh, 2nd Ciaran Mc Carty Ratoath, 3rd Ben Clarke Na F

80M HURDLES 1st Darragh Costigan Dunboyne, 2nd Shane Joyce Cush, 3rd Keith Marks Cushinstown

JAVELIN 1st Shane Joyce Cushinstown, 2nd Charlie Mc Garry Bohermeen, 3rd C. Flanagan Cush

LONG JUMP 1st Shane Joyce Cush, 2nd Darragh Costigan Dunboyne, 3rd Keith Marks Cush


200M 1st Caolean O' Flaherty Dunboyne, 2nd Peter Horen Trim, 3rd C. Griffin Fr. Murphy

800M 1st Eoin Smyth Tara, 2nd Michael Mahon Trim, 3rd Ciaran Crowther St. Andrews

75M HURDLES 1st Jordan Leach Cush, 2nd Eoghan Monaghan Bohermeen, 3rd Jack Parks Navan

SHOT 1st Owen Monaghan Bohermeen, 2nd M. O' Sullivan Cush, 3rd Harry Coscoran SOS

HIGH JUMP 1st Jordan Leech Cush, 2nd Allan Murtagh Cush, 3rd Aengus Clarke Na F


600M 1st Kevin Mc Grath Bohermeen, 2nd James Finnerty Tara, 3rd Allan Monaghan Bohermeen

60M HURDLES 1st Jack Hetherington Dunsh, 2nd James Finnerty Tara, 3rd G. Dardis NaFinna

JAVELIN 1st Darragh Gilmartin Dunboyne, 2nd Fergal O Keane Trim, 3rd N. Mc Kenna Cush

SHOT 1st Ryan Kiely Dunsh, 2nd Leon Clarke Na F, 3rd Darragh Gilmartin Dunboyne.


60M HURDLES 1st Ciaran Morgan Bohermeen 2nd Cian Egenton Bohermeen 3rd J. O'Connor Cush.

600M 1st Shane Hanley St. Brigids, 2nd Evan Butler Dunsh, 3rd Ciaran Morgan Bohermeen

BALL THROW 1st Alex Bond Trim, 2nd Daniel Tully Cush, 3rd Shane Hanly St. Brigids.

HIGH JUMP 1st Ciaran Morgan Bohermeen, 2nd Cian Egenton Bohermeen, Joint 3rd James Dunier Trim, & Alex Bond Trim.


60M 1st Jack Hilliard Bohermeen 2nd Jack Roche Dunboyne 3rd Ciaran Cahill Cush.

LONG JUMP 1st Cian Mc Bride Bohermeen, 2nd Jack Hilliard Bohermeen, 3rd Mark Joyce Cush


500M 1st Niall Moorland Cush, 2nd Niall Finnerty Tara, 3rd Shane Smyth Tara

BALL THROW 1st Shane Clarke Na Fianna 2nd Paddy Griffin Fr. Murphy 3rd Adam Conlon Dunboyne


60M 1st Oisin Keogh Cushinstown 2nd Conor Leane Dunboyne 3rd Killian Cahill Cush.

LONG JUMP Oisin Keogh Cush, 2nd Arron Clarke Tara, 3rd Killian Cahill Cush





200M 1st Rachael Smyth Dunboyne, 2nd Karen Dunne Bohermeen , 3rd Ciara Grant Navan

3000M 1st Shauna Moran Dunsh, Amy O' Keefe Bohermeen

TRIPLE JUMP 1st Karen Dunne Bohermeen, 2nd Claire Mc Lernon Trim

HIGH JUMP 1st Brona Fanning Cush, 2nd Karen Dunne Bohermeen, 3rd Clair Mc, Learnon Trim

JAVELIN 1st Orla O' Donnell, 2nd Allison Daly Na F


200M 1st Moira Pepperd Trim, 2nd Maggie Higgins NaF, 3rd Angela Walsh Dunboyne

3000M 1st Linda Fahy Dunsh, 2nd Brigid Clarke Na F, 3rd Imelda Clarke Na F

TEAM Dunsh 10 Points

JAVELIN 1st Moira Aston Trim, 2nd Gene Daly Na F, 3rd Brigid Clarke Na F


800M 1st Karen Blaney Navan, 2nd Katie Mc Gowan Bohermeen, 3rd Ciara Rooney Navan

100M HURDLES 1st Karen Dunne Bohermeen, 2nd, Brona Fanning Cush, Emma Joyce Cush

LONG JUMP 1st Karen Blaney Navan, 2nd Karen Dunne Bohermeen, 3rd Brona Fanning Cush

HIGH JUMP 1st Brona Fanning Cush, 2nd karen Dunne Bohermeen, 3rd Amber Mc. Gourly Fr. Murphy


200M 1st Susan Culhane Dunboyne, 2nd Leah Kelly Fr. Murphy, 3rd Sarah Campiion St. Andrews

80M HURDLES 1st Susan Culhane Dunboyne

800M 1st Caoimhe Moore Dunsh, 2md Laura Farrell Fr. Murphy, 3rd Sarah Campion St.Andrews

SHOT 1st Emily Bowe St. Andrews , 2nd Laura Daly Na F


200Mm 1st Niamh Hetherington Dunsh, 2nd Ashling O' Hare Na F 3rd Ciara Heneghan Na F

80MHURDLES 1st Niamh Hetherington Dunsh, 2nd Lauren Cramarer N aF, 3rd Laura Heneghan Na F

800M 1st Ashling O Hare Na F, 2nd Sarah Armstrong Bohermeen, 3rd Aoife Holton Na F

JAVELIN 1st Kelly Brady Bohermeen, 2nd Aoife Byrne Dunboyne, 3rd Orla Farrell Na F.

LONG JUMP 1st Sarah Armstrong Bohermeen , 2nd Laura Heneghan Na F, 3rd Ciara Heneghan Na F

HIGH JUMP 1st Charlotte O, Donnell Trim, 2nd Sarah Armstrong Bohermeen


200M 1st Elizabeth Moorland Cush, 2nd Ashling O' Flynn Navan, 3rd Alanna Gonsalves Trim

800M 1st Ellen Rooney Fr. Murphy 2nd, Orna Reynolds Cush, 3rd Maedb Ruane Dunboyne

75M HURDLES 1st Elizabeth Moorland Cush, 2nd Ashling Flynn Navan, 3rd Isabella Buick Dunboyne

SHOT 1st Orna Reynolds Cush, 2nd Ciara Maguire Na F, 2rd Elizabeth Moorland Cush


600M 1st Eve O' Donovan Navan, 2nd Niamh Hand Navan , 3rd Sophie Costello SOS

60M HURDLES 1st Shannon Sheehy Cush, 2nd Ailbhe Leahy Navan, 3rd Sarah Ryan SOS

JAVELIN 1st Caoimhe Doyle Cush, 2nd Siofra Lynch FR. Murphy 3rd Sinead Reynolds Cush

LONG JUMP 1st Shannon Sheehy Cush, 2nd Sinead Reynolds Cush, 3rd Eva O'Donovan Navan

HIGH JUMP 1st Shannon Sheehy Cush, 2nd Sinead Reynolds Cush, 3rd Eva O'Donavan Navan


60M 1st Molly Fitzgerald Bohermeen, 2nd Zoe Mohan Cush, 3rd Hannah Tully SOS

60M HURDLES 1sr Deirdre Murray NaF, 2nd Molly Fitzgerald Bohermeen, 3rd Hannah Talbot Ratoath.

LONG JUMP 1st Hannah Tully SOS, Joint 2nd D. Murray & S. Clarke Na F, 3rd S.Whyte Cush

SHOT 1st Zoe Mohan Cush, 2nd Aine Carr Bohermeen, 3rd Molly Fitzgerald Bohermeeen


600M 1st Sarah Wall Dunboyne, 2nd Molly Mc Namara Dunsh, 3rd Tara Hetherington Dunsh

BALL THROW 1st Molly Mc Namara Duns 2nd Sarah Hughes Bohermeen, 3rd C. Hamilton Fr. Murphy

HIGH JUMP 1st Sarah Wall Dunboyne, Olivia Gonsales Trim, 3rd Aoife Lenehan Cush


60M 1st Tara Gallagher Navan, 2nd Hannah Rooney Fr. Murphy, 3rd Olivia Gore Bohermeen

LONG JUMP 1st Tara Gallagher Navan, 2nd Ellen Smyth Dunboyne, 3rd Aoibhinn Ni Flatharta Dunboyne


500M 1st Karla Kealy Dunsh, 2nd D. Ni Flatharta Dunboyne, 3rd O. Murray Na F

BALL THROW 1st Katie Lenehan Cush, 2nd Abigail Knox Dunboyne, 3rd Jenna Gonsanves Trim

Monday, May 9, 2011

Day 2 Meath Championships review

Fine performances all round Yesterday on Day 2 of the Meath County Championships with everyone giving 100% effort.

Conor Sheeran U12 60m in his heat he ran strongly and focused but finished just outside the qualifiers.
Peter Kilgannon U14 80m Silver medalist with a powerful run.
Saorlaith Delanty ran well in the heat of the U13 60m but was just outside the first 3 qualifiers.
Abraham Zaidan U18 5th in heat good learning experience, also 5th in the 400m a good performance from Abraham as it would not be a distance he trains for.
Eamon Wallace U18 won his heat and finished a very close to win Silver in the final. Good strong run just couldn't make it up from a poor start
Neil Finnegan Bronze medalist in strong Senior race
Peter Doherty Double Gold for this Master in both 100m and 400m
Hannah Talbot U12 Ball Throw Gold medalist with some fine throwing into a strong gusty wind.
Orla Byrne U10 ran strongly in this her first outing at 500m finishing well up the field.
Fergal Kilgannon U11 600m great strong run over the distance finishing in the top 10.
Tomás Brady U11 600m ran well, trailing with 200m to go he dug deep and sprinted the last 100m passing 7 on the finishing straight
Hannah Talbot 600m first outing at this distance and she ran very well finishing in top 10.
Ella Healy U9 fine run to win Silver in the 60m at this her first competition. Well done.
Tom Kilgannon Silver in the U9 Ball Throw again this was his first competition, excellent result.
Phillip Marron U14 6th in the 1500m good strong controlled run from Phillip as he's just getting back into training
Tomás Whitty strong steady run from Tomás finishing 7th in U16 1500m

Feed back from Lily Murray's Dad,
"Lily finished 4th in her 60m heat and missed a place in the final by a yard or so having made up some ground in the 2nd half of the race. She also took part in her first long jump competition and managed to jump further with each attempt although she wasn't close to a medal. She thoroughly enjoyed the experience."

This is not an exhaustive list and would welcome any extra results/reports or corrections to add to this. Please email me on

Friday, May 6, 2011

New fixtures documents

Hi everyone,
I have uploaded anew version of the Meath AAI fixtures for the year and uploaded a new list for the Dublin Graded Meet 2011. Click on the Documents tab above.
Both are in PDF format, so you will need Adobe Acrobat to view/open them.