Friday, April 28, 2017

North Leinster Schools

In what seemed like mid winter temperatures, Philip Marron re-introduced himself to the steeplechase after a break of almost 2 years and he made it look easy as he powered to a commanding victory in the senior boys event in a time of 6 min 25 sec. Fionn Drummond continues to develop nicely into a high jumper of some note and his best jump of 1.40 earned him the silver in the minor boys HJ. In the minor boys 500m, Tom Kilgannon was closing fast at the finish on the eventual winner but also had to settle for second with a time of 1 min 20.6.

Matthew Buckley ran up an age in the intermediate boys 100m but still managed to secure the bronze while the Ratoath Community College boys minor relay squad of Stephen Kiernan, Luca Longhi,
 Fionn Drummond and Tom Kilgannon were just outside the medals in 4th with a battling performance all the way to the line in a time of 56.4 sec.

 Matthew Hayes finished second in the junior boys 1500m in 4 min 34 with Marcus Clarke 5th in 4 min 38. Both lads look capable of breaking 4 min 30 sec. in better weather conditions.  Matilda Ruhan  was an excellent 5th in the junior girls 75m hurdles and Rafa McCaffrey was 6th in the intermediate boys 400m

Best of luck to those that have qualified for the Leinster schools championships in mid May

Peter Goes sub 2 mins for 800m

Peter Kilgannon opened his 2017 outdoor season with a 1 min 58.86 sec  800m  at the Dublin graded meeting last Wednesday. This was a big PB for Peter and augurs well for the rest of his season. Ciaran Crowther also competed at the same meeting and was 11th in the 3k with a time of 9 min 37.97

Thanks for Your Support

A big thank you to all those who supported our music bingo fundraiser for a defibrillator. The response from the local business community and our own membership was just terrific. We have almost reached our target of €2,500 so if you did not manage to get there on the night or make a donation, there is still time to do so. Mary, Sinead, Siobheal or myself will only be be delighted to hear from you.

Wednesday, April 26, 2017


Please find under details of the U12-18 Meath Track and Field Championships which will be held in Navan on Saturday May 6th (Hurdles only) and Sunday May 7th (U12-18 Age groups only)
Athletes may compete in a maximum of 3 individual events. Entry fee per event €1, please bring your entry fee to training by Tuesday May 2nd. Please enclose entry fee in an envelope with athletes name and events on the outside.
The U9-11 Championships will be held on Wednesday May 24th, details to be advised next week.

Meath Athletics Championships

Claremont Stadium Navan 

Day 2 Saturday May 6th



 11.30am U/12 Girls 60MH Hurdles 68.6cms

U/12 Boys 60MH Hurdles 68.6cms

U/13 Girls 60MH Hurdles 68.6cms

U/13 Boys 60MH Hurdles 68.6cms

U/14 Girls 75MH Hurdles 68.6cms

U/14 Boys 75m Hurdles 76.2cms

U/15 Girls 80m Hurdles 76.2cms

U/16 Girls 80m Hurdles 76.2cms

U/18 Women 100m Hurdles 76.2cms

U/15 Boys 80m Hurdles 84.0cms

U/16 Boys 100m Hurdles 84.0cms

Jun/Sen Women 100m Hurdles 84.0cms

U/18 Men 110m Hurdles 91.4cms

Jun Men 110m Hurdles 99.0cms

Sen Men 110m Hurdles 106.7cms

All races decided on time

U/15  Girls 250m Hurdles 2' 3

U/16 Girls  250m Hurdles 2' 3

U/15  Boys  250m Hurdles 2' 6

U/16 Boys  250m Hurdles 2' 6

U/17 Girls  300m Hurdles 2' 6

U/17  Boys  300m Hurdles 2' 6

U/18 Girls 400m Hurdles 2' 6

U/19 Girls 400m Hurdles 2' 9

U/18 Boys  400m Hurdles 2' 9

U/19 Boys  400m Hurdles 3' 0

Jn/Snr/Mas Women 400m Hurdles

Jn/Snr/Mas Men 400m Hurdles

Day 3 Sunday May 7th 2017

Track Events


11.30am U/12 Girls 60m Heats

U/12 Boys 60m Heats

U/13 Girls 60m Heats

U/13 Boys 60m Heats

U/14 Girls 80m Heats

U/14 Boys 80m Heats

Finals of 60m & 80m

U/15 Girls 100m Heats

U/15 Boys 100m Heats

U/16 Girls 100m Heats

U/16 Boys 100m Heats

U/18 Girls 100m Heats

U/18 Boys 100m Heats

Finals of 100m

1.00pm U/14 Girls 200m Heats

U/14 Boys 200m Heats

U/15 Girls 200m Heats

U/15 Boys 200m Heats

U/16 Girls 200m Heats

U/16 Boys 200m Heats

U/18 Girls 200m Heats

U/18 Boys 200m Heats

Finals of 200m

U/18 Girls 400m Heats

U/18 Boys 400m Heats

Finish order decided on times in the event of heats


2.00pm U/12 Girls 600m Heats

U/12 Boys 600m Heats

U/13 Girls 600m Heats

U/13 Boys 600m Heats

U/14 Girls 800m Heats

U/14 Boys 800m Heats

U/15 Girls 800m Heats

U/15 Boys 800m Heats

U/16 Girls 800m Heats

U/16 Boys 800m Heats

U/18 Girls 800m Heats

U/18 Boys 800m Heats

Finals of 500/600/800m

U/14 Girls 1500m Heats

U/14 Boys 1500m Heats

U/15 Girls 1500m Heats

U/15 Boys 1500m Heats

U/16 Girls 1500m Heats

U/16 Boys 1500m Heats

U/18 Girls 1500m Heats

U/18 Boys 1500m Heats

Finals of 1500m

Field Events


9.00am Junior/Senior/Mas 35-49 Ladies Javelin 600g

Masters 50-59 Ladies Javelin 500g

Masters 60+ Ladies Javelin 400g

Junior/Senior/Mas 35-49 Men Javelin 800g

Master 50-59 Men Javelin 700g

Master 60-69 Men Javelin 600g

Master 70-79 Men Javelin 500g

Master 80+ Men Javelin 400g

9.00am U/18 Girls Javelin 500g

U/18 Boys Javelin 700g

U/16 Girls Javelin 500g

U/16 Boys Javelin 600g

U/15 Girls Javelin 400g

U/15 Boys Javelin 500g

U/14 Girls Javelin 400g

U/14 Boys Javelin 400g

U/13 Girls Javelin 400g

U/13 Boys Javelin 400g

U/12 Girls Turbo Jav 300g

U/12 Boys Turbo Jav 300g

9.00am U/16 Girls Discus 1.00kg

U/16 Boys Discus 1.00kg

U/15 Girls Discus 0.75kg

U/15 Boys Discus 1.00kg

U/14 Girls Discus 0.75Kg

U/14 Boys Discus 0.75Kg

U/13 Girls Discus 0.75Kg

U/13 Boys Discus 0.75Kg

9.00am Junior/Sen/Mas 35-49 Ladies Shot 4.00kg

Masters 50-74 Ladies Shot 3.00kg

Masters 75+ Ladies Shot 2.00kg

9.00am Sen/Mas 35-49 Men Shot 7.26kg

Junior/Masters 50-59 Men Shot 6.00kg

Master 60-69 Men Shot 5.00kg

Master 70-79 Men Shot 4.00kg

Master 80+ Men Shot 3.00kg

11.00am U/18 Girls Shot 3.00Kg

U/18 Boys Shot 5.00Kg

U/12 Girls Shot 2.00Kg

U/12 Boys Shot 2.00kg

U/14 Girls Shot 2.00Kg

U/14 Boys Shot 2.72Kg

U/16 Girls Shot 3.00Kg

U/16 Boys Shot 4.00Kg

U/13  Boys Shot 2.00Kg

U/13  Girls Shot 2.00kg


9.00am U/12 Boys High Jump

U/12 Girls High Jump

U/15 Girls High Jump

U/16 Boys High Jump

U/18 Girls High Jump

U/14 Boys High Jump

U/13 Boys High Jump

U/14 Girls High Jump

U/15 Boys High Jump

U/16 Girls High Jump

U/18 Boys High Jump

U/13 Girls High Jump

11.00am U/16 Boys Triple Jump

U16 Girls Triple Jump

11.00am U/18 Girls Long Jump

U/18 Boys Long Jump

U/12 Girls Long Jump

U/15 Girls Long Jump

U/15 Boys Long Jump

U/13 Girls Long Jump

U/12 Boys Long Jump

U/14 Girls Long Jump

U/14 Boys Long Jump

U/13 Boys Long Jump

U/16 Girls Long Jump

U/16 Boys Long Jump

Monday, April 24, 2017

Ashbourne 5K & 10 K Road races

Great to report another good turnout from Ratoath a/c  adult section in the Ashbourne 5k and 10K road races last weekend.

Ciaran Crowther continues to regain his fitness with each race (following a series of nagging injuries over the winter) and demonstrated this with a commanding performance in the 5k that culminated in Ciaran breaking the tape in 17 mins 48 for a 5 second victory over Loughlin Campion.

Our ladies section were not to be outdone and focused their efforts on the 10k. Teresa Doyle had a mighty run to finish 5th lady overall in 46 mins 25 sec. while  Emma Boshell, Rachel Connolly, Joanne Tully and Laura Marshall  all finished within seconds of each other just outside the hour and are already planning an assault on a sub 60 mins run in their next outing.

Friday, April 21, 2017

Club Fundraiser Music Bingo Tonight 8:45pm in the Ratoath Inn.

Lots of great prizes for tonights Music Bingo Fundraisers along with plenty of wine and beauty gifts we also have donations from Lir Chocolates, The Ratoath Inn, Shanowen Plant Hire Ltd, Ratoath / Rathbeggan Community games, 
Bridal Shop - €100 voucher , Bridal Shop "Make up Application" Voucher, Meath School of Motoring Voucher for driving lesson, La Bucca €100 meal voucher, As you Like It €30 voucher, Venue Theatre €30 voucher, Elegance Hair Salon, St Pappins Rd - €30 voucher, Travel Advisors - 2 x €50 vouchers an lots more prizes... Thank you to everybody who donated so far.

Friday, April 7, 2017

Manchester Marathon

Team manager Keith Heffernan had his hands full looking after the Ratoath a/c marathon squad that participated in the recent Manchester marathon. The old policy of "what happens on tour , stays on tour" was strictly enforced and none of the participants were prepared to comment on the social aspects of the weekend other than to confirm their finishing times and AAI registration numbers. Hugh Kelly led the gang home in 3 hrs 40 mins, followed by Colm McDaid (3.42), Paul O Connell (3.49), Henry Fleming (3.52) and Ray Hoare (5.13). Well done to all.

Bram wings it at Malahide

Bram Jansen ran a new 5k PB of 18 mins 04 sec in the Malahide park run last weekend. Bram finished 4th overall. Its great to see him get the benefit of all those tough interval sessions he has been consistently doing on the track and there is plenty more improvement to come. Sub 18 mins is the next target

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Ratoath AC AGM Monday 10th of April @ 9pm

AGM –The Annual General Meeting for Ratoath Athletic Club will take place in the Ratoath GAA Club House on Monday April the 10th  at 9pm.
If club members have motions they would like to put forward or if you would like to join our committee (we are always in need of new committee members). 
 Nominations and Motions for discussion should be returned to Club Secretary, Sinรฉad McGoldrick at before 6pm Sunday the 9th of April

Thank you for all your support during the year. Looking forward to seeing you at the AGM.

Ratoath AC