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Please find under details of the U12-18 Meath Track and Field Championships which will be held in Navan on Saturday May 6th (Hurdles only) and Sunday May 7th (U12-18 Age groups only)
Athletes may compete in a maximum of 3 individual events. Entry fee per event €1, please bring your entry fee to training by Tuesday May 2nd. Please enclose entry fee in an envelope with athletes name and events on the outside.
The U9-11 Championships will be held on Wednesday May 24th, details to be advised next week.

Meath Athletics Championships

Claremont Stadium Navan 

Day 2 Saturday May 6th



 11.30am U/12 Girls 60MH Hurdles 68.6cms

U/12 Boys 60MH Hurdles 68.6cms

U/13 Girls 60MH Hurdles 68.6cms

U/13 Boys 60MH Hurdles 68.6cms

U/14 Girls 75MH Hurdles 68.6cms

U/14 Boys 75m Hurdles 76.2cms

U/15 Girls 80m Hurdles 76.2cms

U/16 Girls 80m Hurdles 76.2cms

U/18 Women 100m Hurdles 76.2cms

U/15 Boys 80m Hurdles 84.0cms

U/16 Boys 100m Hurdles 84.0cms

Jun/Sen Women 100m Hurdles 84.0cms

U/18 Men 110m Hurdles 91.4cms

Jun Men 110m Hurdles 99.0cms

Sen Men 110m Hurdles 106.7cms

All races decided on time

U/15  Girls 250m Hurdles 2' 3

U/16 Girls  250m Hurdles 2' 3

U/15  Boys  250m Hurdles 2' 6

U/16 Boys  250m Hurdles 2' 6

U/17 Girls  300m Hurdles 2' 6

U/17  Boys  300m Hurdles 2' 6

U/18 Girls 400m Hurdles 2' 6

U/19 Girls 400m Hurdles 2' 9

U/18 Boys  400m Hurdles 2' 9

U/19 Boys  400m Hurdles 3' 0

Jn/Snr/Mas Women 400m Hurdles

Jn/Snr/Mas Men 400m Hurdles

Day 3 Sunday May 7th 2017

Track Events


11.30am U/12 Girls 60m Heats

U/12 Boys 60m Heats

U/13 Girls 60m Heats

U/13 Boys 60m Heats

U/14 Girls 80m Heats

U/14 Boys 80m Heats

Finals of 60m & 80m

U/15 Girls 100m Heats

U/15 Boys 100m Heats

U/16 Girls 100m Heats

U/16 Boys 100m Heats

U/18 Girls 100m Heats

U/18 Boys 100m Heats

Finals of 100m

1.00pm U/14 Girls 200m Heats

U/14 Boys 200m Heats

U/15 Girls 200m Heats

U/15 Boys 200m Heats

U/16 Girls 200m Heats

U/16 Boys 200m Heats

U/18 Girls 200m Heats

U/18 Boys 200m Heats

Finals of 200m

U/18 Girls 400m Heats

U/18 Boys 400m Heats

Finish order decided on times in the event of heats


2.00pm U/12 Girls 600m Heats

U/12 Boys 600m Heats

U/13 Girls 600m Heats

U/13 Boys 600m Heats

U/14 Girls 800m Heats

U/14 Boys 800m Heats

U/15 Girls 800m Heats

U/15 Boys 800m Heats

U/16 Girls 800m Heats

U/16 Boys 800m Heats

U/18 Girls 800m Heats

U/18 Boys 800m Heats

Finals of 500/600/800m

U/14 Girls 1500m Heats

U/14 Boys 1500m Heats

U/15 Girls 1500m Heats

U/15 Boys 1500m Heats

U/16 Girls 1500m Heats

U/16 Boys 1500m Heats

U/18 Girls 1500m Heats

U/18 Boys 1500m Heats

Finals of 1500m

Field Events


9.00am Junior/Senior/Mas 35-49 Ladies Javelin 600g

Masters 50-59 Ladies Javelin 500g

Masters 60+ Ladies Javelin 400g

Junior/Senior/Mas 35-49 Men Javelin 800g

Master 50-59 Men Javelin 700g

Master 60-69 Men Javelin 600g

Master 70-79 Men Javelin 500g

Master 80+ Men Javelin 400g

9.00am U/18 Girls Javelin 500g

U/18 Boys Javelin 700g

U/16 Girls Javelin 500g

U/16 Boys Javelin 600g

U/15 Girls Javelin 400g

U/15 Boys Javelin 500g

U/14 Girls Javelin 400g

U/14 Boys Javelin 400g

U/13 Girls Javelin 400g

U/13 Boys Javelin 400g

U/12 Girls Turbo Jav 300g

U/12 Boys Turbo Jav 300g

9.00am U/16 Girls Discus 1.00kg

U/16 Boys Discus 1.00kg

U/15 Girls Discus 0.75kg

U/15 Boys Discus 1.00kg

U/14 Girls Discus 0.75Kg

U/14 Boys Discus 0.75Kg

U/13 Girls Discus 0.75Kg

U/13 Boys Discus 0.75Kg

9.00am Junior/Sen/Mas 35-49 Ladies Shot 4.00kg

Masters 50-74 Ladies Shot 3.00kg

Masters 75+ Ladies Shot 2.00kg

9.00am Sen/Mas 35-49 Men Shot 7.26kg

Junior/Masters 50-59 Men Shot 6.00kg

Master 60-69 Men Shot 5.00kg

Master 70-79 Men Shot 4.00kg

Master 80+ Men Shot 3.00kg

11.00am U/18 Girls Shot 3.00Kg

U/18 Boys Shot 5.00Kg

U/12 Girls Shot 2.00Kg

U/12 Boys Shot 2.00kg

U/14 Girls Shot 2.00Kg

U/14 Boys Shot 2.72Kg

U/16 Girls Shot 3.00Kg

U/16 Boys Shot 4.00Kg

U/13  Boys Shot 2.00Kg

U/13  Girls Shot 2.00kg


9.00am U/12 Boys High Jump

U/12 Girls High Jump

U/15 Girls High Jump

U/16 Boys High Jump

U/18 Girls High Jump

U/14 Boys High Jump

U/13 Boys High Jump

U/14 Girls High Jump

U/15 Boys High Jump

U/16 Girls High Jump

U/18 Boys High Jump

U/13 Girls High Jump

11.00am U/16 Boys Triple Jump

U16 Girls Triple Jump

11.00am U/18 Girls Long Jump

U/18 Boys Long Jump

U/12 Girls Long Jump

U/15 Girls Long Jump

U/15 Boys Long Jump

U/13 Girls Long Jump

U/12 Boys Long Jump

U/14 Girls Long Jump

U/14 Boys Long Jump

U/13 Boys Long Jump

U/16 Girls Long Jump

U/16 Boys Long Jump

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