Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Half Marathon and 5K fun run

Back by Popular Demand, we are excited to announce the launch of the 2019 Ratoath Athletic Club Half Marathon and 5K Fun Run, taking place from Fairyhouse Racecourse on Saturday September 14th 2019 @ 9am. Register now to take advantage of the early bird pricing.

Wednesday, August 29, 2018

The Ratoath AC Half Marathon & 5K Fun Run are now officially Sold Out!!!

The Ratoath AC Half Marathon & 5K Fun Run are now officially Sold Out! We would like to express our gratitude and to thank you all in advance for supporting our event.

We look forward to welcoming everyone from all over including runners from our local community & county, Leinster and all over Ireland. We are delighted also to welcome runners from the UK & as far away as the USA!

We will see you all at the start line in Fairyhouse at 9:00am on Saturday 08th September!

Thursday, July 5, 2018

Ratoath Athletic Club's couch to 5K in conjunction with Conway's Spar Ratoath

Fit4Life:  Couch to 5K Beginner-Intermediate -Advanced programme
8 week training programme

Training Times:          Monday 8-9pm, Wednesday 8-9pm, Friday 9.30am-10.30am
Where:                       Ratoath athletic track at Jamestown (grass track) beside Ratoath College
When:                        Monday 16th July – Saturday 8th September 2018
Ratoath AC 5K:          8th September 2018 – Ratoath AC annual 5K road race in conjunction
                                  Ratoath AC half marathon at Fairyhouse Racecourse
Cost:                      €35 non-members (includes 8 week training programme, entry to 5k, Race t-shirt medal and goodie bag
(Couch25k training programme – free to club members. Race entry fee €15)

Registration:       Conways SPAR, Fairyhouse Road, Thursday 12th July and Fri 13th from7pm-9pm


Suitable for all levels of exercise ability including walkers, joggers and beginner/intermediate/advanced runners.
Adults & Older teenage children age 16+

8 week programme – (Coaches will wear Coloured Bibs for each of the Groups below)

·              Walk Programme - (Yellow Group) – For those who just want to walk 5k
  • Beginner programme - (Green group) – For those who want to walk/run 5k in 8 weeks
  • Intermediate programme - (Blue Group) – For those who aim to run the complete 5k in 8 weeks
  • Advanced programme – (Red group) –Aim is to increase current pace and comfort in running 5k

Most people think they cannot run, simply because they try to run too fast when they start running for the first time. SLOW DOWN!!…
Talk Test – you should be able to talk comfortable during easy runs

Don’t do too much too soon!! We want everyone to leave each session at the beginning feeling that they could do a little more, and not be too wrecked that they never want to come back again!!

Even if you feel that you want to do more, don’t… Let your body build up gradually and enjoy your training. If you do too much too soon, you will be put off coming to training again as you will feel it is too difficult. More importantly, you risk getting injured.

Two or Three days a week is enough to run at the beginning. You must do a minimum of two if you want to improve and be able to enjoy the programme. Beginners are not advised to run any more than Three days a week as your body needs time to repair and recover. If you feel you want to do more training, try some cross training (Swimming, Cycling, Yoga or some strength training. There are plenty of options around the village and local areas).Pilates are also a very good compliment to running which will help flexibility and strength. Please do not try to run every day.

If you do not feel well during training or are dizzy, faint, have pain in chest or heart etc. please stop training and consult your doctor before continuing with training.
If you have any medical condition that can affect you while training please bring this to the attention of the leader of your group or the person you register with so we are aware of it.
This will be kept in strict confidence. If you have any concerns regarding your health it would be in your best interest to see your doctor before starting a new training programme.

Frequently asked questions

It’s years since I ran or I have never run before. Will I be too slow??
DEFINITELY NOT!! This is the most common worry. Please understand that pace or times are simply not an issue in the Walkers, Beginners & Intermediate Groups.
This training programme is suitable for all, no matter what age or ability. The coaches are there to answer questions as well as help and encourage. The only thing you need is a bit of determination!! Your fitness and confidence will build over the 8 weeks and you WILL DEFINITELY be well able to do a 5K.Remember… Whether you finish your 5K in 25minutes, 45 minutes, 60 minutes or whatever time…ITS STILL YOUR 5K AND WILL BE A GREAT ACHIEVEMENT!!

What Clothes do I wear?
Your body will heat up and it becomes very uncomfortable trying to run in lots of heavy layers of jumpers/jackets/heavy track suit bottoms etc. The lighter you feel with clothes the better you will feel while running. Bring a rain jacket.

What type of Running Shoes should I wear?
You don’t need expensive runners. Proper running shoes though are essential. Court shoes are too hard and there is no give in them for jogging.
Please note - No football boots or shoes with studs allowed on the running track.

Is there any Car Parking facilities?
There is limited car parking available but we would request for as many people as possible to walk if you are living near to the track, or car pool if possible. As Parking is limited and we wish to reduce as much traffic as possible for the local residents. The walk to and from the track will be a good warm up and cool down and can be used as part of your training and dynamic stretching routine.

What do I do with my Keys?
Please do not leave car keys lying around. There are opportunist burglars stalking all of our sports grounds/shopping areas etc. Don’t leave bags, phones or valuables visible in cars. There is nowhere to leave keys so please just carry your car key in a zipped pocket while you train. Running shorts and leggings all generally have a zipped pocket in them

Should I bring a Drink?
Try to hydrate well during the day so you will not need to stop to drink water while you are training. We strongly encourage you to take a drink to training with you to rehydrate at the end of your session.  You can stop to take a drink at any time during the session if required. During the good weather some people need to take a drink so please do not hesitate to take drink stops if required. If you hydrate well all day long, you will rarely need it during your 5k training.  

When should I eat on training days?
Try not to eat too soon before training as you will probably get a stitch during your session. If you could eat within 15 to 20 minutes after training, that will help the body repair itself after training and enhance recovery.

Do I really need to Warm up and stretch before training begins?….Yes. Do not begin your training without warming up and stretching lightly first.  Warm up can be 5 minutes fast walking and light stretches. If you try to stretch cold muscles you can easily injure yourself. If you try to train without warming up and stretching you highly risk injury. If you are late to training, take time to warm up and join in later. It is also very important to stretch well after training. Stretching after training will also increase flexibility in your muscles and joints.

Remember– the hardest part is always getting off the couch and leaving the house!! The most rewarding part is coming back in after doing your training knowing that the couch didn’t win, especially on cold or rainy nights!!!
Most Important - Have fun… it will make the whole experience more pleasant.
Get out of the house, meet new people, make new friends or bring old friends too.

Friday, June 1, 2018

Ratoath AC AGM Thursday 7th of June 2018

Our Annual General Meeting will take place next Thursday the 7th of June at 9:20pm in the Ratoath GAA Club house 

Nominations are available for Fundraising Committee. All current Committee positions are standing for 2018
Nominations and Motions for discussion should be returned to Club Secretary SinĂ©ad McGoldrick (  and to be received before 5pm on this Tuesday the 5th of June.