Monday, April 30, 2012

Dublin Night Run 10k

Weather was 5C, wind 60k gusting 70-90k and heavy rain.
The race was sold out a few weeks in advance with 5,000 registered. Not sure how many were turned away by the cold & rain though.
I decided after looking at all the twists and turns on the course and the weather that I probably wouldn't get a PB and didn't go all out. I ended up accidentally starting one wave slower than I should and spent the first 2k or so overtaking people and catching up to wave two. I then spent the rest of the race dodging people, puddles, wet manhole covers (can be very slippery!) and pedestrian bollards.
When I looked at my surroundings on occasion I realized that it would be a pretty good race for people who wanted to see the city at night (apart from tonight's weather). Lots of turns towards the end, but managed to get 1 sec faster than a recent 10k.
It was very well organized, good quality technical t-shirts and finisher's medals with a free bottle of Powerade at the end.
A great race and a great atmosphere. Runners really seemed to enjoy it - despite the weather!

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