Sunday, April 1, 2012

Day 2 Meath Inter-Club League Report

Another great night of athletics took place last Friday night in Claremont. Again we had a massive turnout from the club with 30+ Juveniles, 3 Juniors, a senior, and 2 masters competing with great results brought in.
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We had some great photos taken on the day by Neil Witter and I've decided to use some of them to show some really good technique in action. 

Sprint Sequence

Great starting drive. Forward lean looking down.

Midstride- arms at 90 degrees, looking straight down the track, not at any of the other runners

Ball Throw Sequence

Arm Back whole body wound up to make the throw

Second last step, just about to throw, looking up where he wants the ball to go.

Final step forward arm throwing as fast as he can over his shoulder,still looking up where the ball should go

Ball shooting up high and fast, his arm has followed through 

Ball still traveling up and his body has followed through keeping behind the line.
Great throw!!

Start of the long jump good forward lean driving with her arms.

Middle distance start. Concentrating, forward foot behind the line.

Great concentration, all have 90 degree bend of their arms. Running straight down their lanes.

Provisional Results (not official)

8nr -1st place, 7nr- 2nd place, 5 nr 3rd place, 1nr -4th place, 7nr-5th place, 1nr- 6th place, 1nr-7th place and 2nr-8th place finishes.

U9 Boys
Ball Throw:    1st- Marcus Zaidan, 2nd- Fionn Drummond, 5th- Kyle Witter
60m:               1st- Marcus Zaidan, 3rd- Fionn Drummond, 5th Kyle Witter

U9 Girls
Ball Throw:    5th- Eno Okome
60m:               2nd- Aimee Doherty, 5th- Molly Keane

U10 Boys
Long Jump:   5th- Tom Kilgannon
300m:             1st- Tom Kilgannon

U10 Girls
Long Jump:   3rd- Ciara Coffey, 7th- Aoife Rutherford
300m:             2nd-Aoife Rutherford, 4th- Ciara Coffey, 8th-Lily Murray

U11 Girls
High Jump:   3rd- Emma Coroner
60m:               2nd- Emma Coroner, 3rd- Orla Hayes

U11 Boys
60m:               5th -Kevin Dat Conway-

U12 Boys
Long Jump:   3rd- Krissada Cooke
300m:             6th-Fergal Kilgannon, 8th- John Redmond??

U12 Girls
300m:             5th-Lara Power, 7th-Ivea Okome

U16 Boys
800m:             2nd-Ciaran McCarty

Junior Men
100m:             1st- Eamonn Wallace, 2nd- Abraham Zaidan

Senior Men
Long Jump    1st- Neil Finnegan
100m:             1st- Neil Finnegan

Master Men
Long Jump:   1st- Peter Doherty, 2nd- Tom Brady
100m:             1st- Peter Doherty

Next events Cushinstown Open Sports 22 April 2012 (click here) followed by Day 3 of Meath Inter-Club League Wed evening 25th April 2012.

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