Saturday, May 11, 2013

Meath Championships Day 2 Sunday 12th May 2013 Claremont from 11am.

Registered Members in Meath Championships Day2 Sunday 12th may 2013.
Check out and click on the programe for an idea of the Times. Note that times can change on the Day, entries are closed for this day but entries are still possible for day 3 Sunday 19th May. I'll Post the list of registered athletes for that Day on Monday to avoid confusion.
Bring a packed lunch, cheer everyone, don’t argue with the officials, prepare for the weather and have a great time.
Joseph Doyle U14 1500m
Conor Duncan Jnr 1500m
Stephen Walsh U9 500m and Turbojav
Mathew Hayes U 11 600m
Kevin DatConway U12 60m and Longjump
Evun Grant U12 Turbo Jav
Kritsada Cooke  U13 60m Longjump and Highjump
Eoin Clayton U16 100m, Longjump, and Highjump
Matthew Kane U9 500m and Turbojav
Samuel Keane U13 60m Longjump and Highjump
Phillip Marron U16 1500m
Alex Hunter U15 1500m
Ross Hunter 100m 400m U18
Daryn Browne U16 100m
Sam Phillips U13 60m and Longjump
Matthew Buckley 60m and Longjump
Ciarán Buckley Masters 400m
John Redmond U13 60m and Longjump
Tom Kilgannon U1 600m and Turbojav
Fergal Kilgannon U13 Longjump
Peter Kilgannon U16 100m
Rohan Wardick U11 Turbojav
Peter Doherty Masters 100m,  400m and Longjump
Abraham Zaidan Jnr 100m and 400m
Stephan Shaw U16 100m
Micheal O’Malley U16 100m
Hugh Kelly Masters 100m 400m Longjump
Henry Flemming Snr 100m and 400m
Alex Flemming U11 600m
Tomás Whitty U18 1500m
Fionn Drummond 60m and Long Jump
Thomas Gannon Jnr 400m

Niamh Murray U9 60m and Longjump
Sophie Maher U9 60m and Longjump
Ellie Mahon U9 60m and Longjump
Ava Fay U9 60m and Longjump
Laura Kelly U9 60m and Longjump
Grace LanConway U10 500m and Turbojav
Rachel HueConway U10 500m and Turbojav
Katie Kelly U11 60m and Longjump
Grace Mahon U11 60m and Longjump
Zara Kane U13 Highjump
Eno Okome U10 Turbojav
Ivie Okome U13 60m and Shot Putt
Racheal McPartlin U12 Highjump
Abby McHugh U10 500m Turbojav
Molly Keane U10 500m and Turbojav
Emma Coroner U12 Turbojav and Highjump
Karen Hayes U13 600m and Highjump
Áine Cooney U13 60m
Aimee Doherty U10 500m and Turbojav
Laura Smith U10 500m and Turbojav
Kate Smith U12 600m and Turbojav
Ella Healy U11 60m and Longjump
Aoife Rutherford U11 60m and Longjump
Aishling Doyle U10 500m and Turbojav
Orla Hayes U12 600m
Lara Power U13 60m, Shotputt and Highjump
Jane Roche U12 Highjump
Amber Roche U16 1500m, Highjump and Jongjump.

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