Monday, May 13, 2013

Ratoath/Rathbeggan Community Games Athletics Timetable, Registration from 5:30pm 14th May 2013

Age groups-Athlete has to be under their age by the 31st July 2013. I.e age 9 on the 31st July to be eligible for under 10
As you can see from below we have a very busy timetable scheduled for Tuesday and we will need everyone to really make the effort to get registered good and early from 5:30 to be ready to go at 6pm. Note especially where the first groups begin.
U8 at the track closest to the carpark,
U10 At the farside of the track for their Hurdles,
U12 near the center of the pitch for their ball throw,
U 14 Boys at the shot putt circle (farside corner of the track nearsest the college), and the
U14 Girls at the Longjump Pit.
Then look where they'll need to move to afterwards.....

Please keep well clear of the track when the athletes are racing.
Spikes are only allowed for U14 and U16, however at a local level for the U10 Hurdles only Spikes are allowed at county they will not be allowed.

Everyone helping is a volunteer so please in good spirit no arguing with the officials, cheer everyone, and Best of Luck to All our competitors from this great community.

Time Nearside Track
06:00    Girls U8 60m Heats
06:05 Boys U8 60m Heats
06:10  Girls U8 60m Final
06:15  Boys U8 60m Final
06:20  Girls U4 30m Final
06:25  Boys U4 30m Final
06:30  Girls U5 30m Final
06:35  Boys U5 30m Final
06:40  Girls U6 60m Final
06:45  Boys U6 60m Final
06:50  Girls U10 100m Heats
06:55  Boys U10 100m Heats
07:00  Girls U10 Final
07:05  Boys U10 Final
07:10  Girls U12 100m Heats
07:15  Boys U12 100m Heats
07:20  Girls U14 100m Heats
07:30  Boys U14 100m Heats
07:35  Girls U12 100m Finals
07:40  Boys U12 100m Finals
07:45  Girls U14 100m Finals
07:50  Boys U14 100m Finals
07:55  Girls U16 100m St Final
08:00  Boys U16 100m St Final
08:05  Girls U10 200m St Final
08:10  Boys U10 200m St Final
08:15  Girls U12 600m Final
08:20  Boys U12 600m Final
08:25  Girls U14 800m Final
08:30  Boys U14 800m Final

08:35 Boys and Girls U16 1500m

Time Centre Pitch
06:00  Girls and Boys U12 Ball Throw at 2 Stations

  Best of 3 Throws Measured

06:25  Girls U14 Long Puck  Boys U12 Long Puck

  Best of 3 Pucks Measured

Time Farside Track
06:00  Girls U10 60mH Heats
06:10  Boys U10 60mH Heats
06:20  Girls U10 60mH Final
06:25  Boys U10 60mH Final
06:50  Girls U14 80mH Heats
06:55  Boys U14 80mH Heats
07:00  Girls U14 80mH Finals
07:05  Boys U14 80mH Finals
07:10  Girls U8 80m Heats
07:15  Boys U8 80m Heats
07:20  Girls U8 80m Finals
07:30  Boys U8 80m Finals

Time ShotPutt Long Jump
06:00 Boys U14 Girls U14
06:15 Girls U14 Boys U14
06:30 Girls U12
06:45 Boys U12

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