Saturday, May 11, 2013

Registered Members Meath Championships on Sunday 19th May 2013

Congratulations to everyone who competed on Sunday in the first part of the Meath Championships a full report will be on its way soon. 
See below for the names currently entered for next Sunday 19th May's competition. 

Check out and click on the Championship Program for an idea of the times. Note that times can change on the Day.
Bring a packed lunch, cheer everyone, don’t argue with the officials , prepare for the weather and have a great time.

Please, please,  please, if your name is not here or your friends name isn’t there and you, or they, want to enter or think you should be listed contact me ASAP on Entries have to be in by latest Friday morning.

Kristian Grace U9 60m and Longjump
Eoin Kane U9 60m and Longjump
Sam Carey U9 60m and Longjump
Stephen Walsh U9 60m and Longjump
Cian Crawford U9 60m and Longjump
Dara Johnson U9 60m and Longjump
Tomás BroeBrady U13 Shotputt
Kritsada Cooke U13 Shotputt and 60mH (Hurdles)
Eoin Clayton U16 Shotputt and 200m
Phillip Marron U16 800m
Alex Hunter U15 800m
Ross Hunter Jnr 2900m
Sam Phillips U13 600m
Matthew Buckley 60mH
John Redmond U13 Shotputt and 60mH
Peter Kilgannon U16 800m
Fergal Kilgannon U13 600m
Tom Kilgannon U11 60m and Longjump
Rohan Wardick U11 60m
Joseph Doyle U14 800m
Fionn Drummond U11 500m and Turbojav

Niamh Murray U9 500m and Turbojav
Ellie Mahon U9 500m and Turbojav
Amy Forde U9 500m and Turbojav
Grace Mahon U11 Highjump and Turbo Jav
Aine Foster  U12 60m, Longjump and Shot Putt
Aiofe Foster U12 60m, Longjump and Shot putt
Kate Hayes U10 60m
Meg Kelly U13 Longjump
Siobheal Cummins Master Highjump, Longjump and Shotputt
Racheal McPartlin U12 60m
Zara Kane U13 60mH, Longjump
Abby McHugh U10 60m and Longjump
Áine Cooney U13 longjump
Aimee Doherty U10 60m and Longjump
Laura Smith 60m and Longjump
Kate Smith 60mH and Longjump
Aishling Doyle 60m and Longjump
Orla Hayes 60m,60mH, Longjump
Lara Power 60mH and Longjump
Sorcha Broe-Brady U11 Turbojav and Highjump
Jane Roche U12 60m,60mH, Longjump
Nicole Gallagher Breslin U12 Shotputt

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