Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Entries for Meath u9-11 T & F Championships- 24/5/2017

The following athletes have been entered for the Meath u9-11 Track & Field Championships which take place this evening at Claremont Stadium, Navan. The event will commence at 7pm, please be there for 6:15pm for Warm Up and number pick up.


Aisling Shevlin U9 60m
Aisling Shevlin U9 Long Jump
Aoife Sherrett U9 60m
Aoife Sherrett U9 Turbo Javelin
Bronwyn  Whelan U9 60m
Bronwyn  Whelan U9 Long Jump
Emily Harley U9 60m
Emily Harley U9 Long Jump
Mia Dowling U9 60m
Mia Dowling U9 Long Jump
Olivia Ryan U9 60m
Olivia Ryan U9 Long Jump
Lily Holland U9 60m
Lily Holland U9 Long Jump
Aisling Clare U10 60m
Aisling Clare U10 Long Jump
Allana White U10 60m
Allana White U10 Long Jump
Amber Lane U10 60m
Amber Lane U10 500m
Ava Doran U10 60m
Ava Doran U10 Long Jump
Ava Skerrett U10 60m
Ava Skerrett U10 Long Jump
Caitlin Quigley U10 Turbo Javelin
Caitlin Quigley U10 Long Jump
Catherine Drummond U10 Lomg Jump
Catherine Drummond U10 Turbo Javelin
Claire Rogers U10 60m
Claire Rogers U10 Long Jump
Clíodhna Kelly U10 Turbo Javelin
Clíodhna Kelly U10 Long Jump
Ella McKenna U10 60m
Ella McKenna U10 Long Jump
Emily Ellison U10 Turbo Javelin
Emily Ellison U10 Long Jump
Kate Smith U10 500m
Kate Smith U10 Long Jump
Katelyn Orohoe U10 60m
Katelyn Orohoe U10 Long Jump
Louise Byrne U10 60m
Louise Byrne U10 Long Jump
Sadie Prior U10 60m
Sadie Prior U10 Long Jump
Orlaith Sheridan U10 60m
Orlaith Sheridan U10 Long Jump
Shenna Fitzpatrick U10 60m
Amelia Holland U11 60m
Amelia Holland U11 Long Jump
Katie Doherty U11 600m
Katie Doherty U11 60m
Mary Kate Prior U11 600m
Mary Kate Prior U11 Turbo Javelin
Saoirse Carrigan U11 60m
Saoirse Carrigan U11 Long Jump
Sophie Finn U11 60m
Sophie Finn U11 Long Jump
Einin Murphy U11 Turbo Javelin
Einin Murphy U11 Long Jump
Orla Skerrett U11 60m
Orla Skerrett U11 Turbo Javelin
Eve O' Connor U11 Long Jump
Eve O' Connor U11 60m
Emily Pullen U11 60m
Emily Pullen U11 Turbo Javelin


Adam Forde U9 60m
Adam Forde U9 500m
Darragh Roache U9 Turbo Javelin
Darragh Roache U9 Long Jump
Seán Lumley U9 60m 
Seán Lumley U9 Long Jump
Seán O' Sullivan U9 500m
Seán O' Sullivan   Long Jump
Conor Clarke  U10 500m
Conor Clarke  U10 Long Jump
Nathan Mooney U10 60m
Nathan Mooney U10 500m
Niall Dolan U10 500m
Niall Dolan U10 Long Jump
Fionn Heffernan U11 600m
Fionn Heffernan U11 Long Jump
Gavin Witter U11 60m
Gavin Witter U11 Turbo Javelin
Harry Bogan U11 600m
Harry Bogan U11 Long Jump
James Kelly U11 600m
James Kelly U11 Turbo Javelin

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