Saturday, November 10, 2012

Reminder: Cookery Demonstration in aid of the club

Coaches/Fit4Life Group/Parents

Cookery Demonstration at Fairyhouse Cookery School
Thursday 22nd November  :  7pm – 10pm
Cost of tickets €25 each

After a very successful night in Fairyhouse Cookery School last year, we decided to arrange another night as our Christmas night out.By doing this we get to enjoy a night out together and raise some funds at the same time.

Cookery demonstration by Billie O’ Shea, details of which are detailed below.
We get to taste the food demonstrated by Billie.Bring your own drink.

·         Spring rolls  (Billie will demo stir-fry in general and then how to wrap oriental veg in spring rolls)
·         Slow cooked Massamam beef curry
·         Thai chicken and coriander curry
·         Winter Pilau Rice
Lemon Drizzle Cake with Bourbon Vanilla Burkes Farm Ice-cream

Tickets first come first served basis. Please book as soon as possible. Only 40 tickets available and ten already booked up.
Please let us know if you want tickets put by for you.

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