Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Meath Inter Club League Day 2 Fri 30th March 2012

Details for the Events for each age group are on a previous post, 2 posts down please check out the events for your child.
Following the traffic experienced the last night we're going to meet at the track now at 6pm to leave at 6:10.
Please again, plan for the night, it is March and while the weather has been good it is still cold in the evenings. Insist on jackets hats etc while they are not competing and get them wrapped up warm straight after their events, make sure all spectators are warm also hats gloves heavy jackets etc. Bring drinks and snacks, water, bananas,fruits, sandwiches, yogurts, a flask with hot water for a cupasoup/coffee for yourself to help make the night as pleasant as possible. If you have issues with standing for a long time bring a fold up chair and we might set you down by the long jump to keep a log of how are athletes are doing :)
We had a fantastic turnout last week and are looking forward to another great night. See you there..

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