Monday, July 21, 2014

Adult weekly training schedule

New C25K group : Mon / Wed and Fri or Sat
Warm up.. 2 laps walking
1 lap without stopping then walk 100m (Repeat 7 times)
Walk for 2 laps
All of the above together totals 5K including the walk break between laps
If anyone feels strong they can jog the warm up laps no problem or shorten/skip walk breaks. See how you feel

Monday Eve Speed Session
4 lap Warm Up
Dynamic Stretching
Pyramid with 60 sec recovery – 1m – 2m - 3m - 4m - 3m – 2m – 1m
4 x 30m sprints
2 lap Warm down

Wednesday Tempo Session
4 x easy laps + dynamic stretches
1 x 20 mins with 2 min recovery
1 x 14 mins 2 min recovery
4 x easy laps


Hill of Tara Session
1 lap = 2 miles
Do what you can – tough hilly session

Saturday Long Run (route details to follow)
Group A
6 miles

Group B
16 Miles
Tester for Marathon pace
(2 warm up – 10 at desired Marathon Pace
2 warm down)

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