Thursday, January 9, 2014

Thursday Night Training

Thursday night training is decided up into 2 groups. Note we don't have as much coaches on these nights so good behaviour and listening to the coaches as they are giving instruction is essential and an inability to do this might lead to not being allowed to participate in the session in the future. 
First Group 6:30-7:30 is for those athletes serious about getting in another hours training but who are not currently in either Gerry's (middle distance/cross country) or Peter's (Sprints) groups. 
This hour is to be used to get in an extra hour's training for fitness goals or for to get fast enough to be able to join one of the other groups. If you want to get fitter and run with your friends then this is the time to come. 
There should be 2 training groups at this time u10 and U11 with Hugh and Fiona and another group U12+ with Tom. 

Second Group 7:30-8:15
Gerry's and Peter's groups training now for competitions happening at Leinster Level over the next few weeks. Not general training. 

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