Monday, January 20, 2014

Cushinstown Indoors 26-1-2014 from 11am need to be there early for field events.

Meet in Cushinstown at 10:45 or at Ratoath track at 10:15 to travel in convoy. Note this is a great event to have some competition practice without pressure. Note the high jump is only for those athletes who have practiced with Siobheal in Cushinstown between 5-6pm on Friday evenings (this is part of the clubs training sessions)

Be prepared for a bit of a long day depending on numbers, will start at 11 but may not end til 2pm or so.

Indoor Sports Competition Confined to County Meath Clubs   

Sunday 26th January 2014  

Start Times: 11am – Long jump, High Jump and Shot Putt Followed by Sprints 

U9's 2006 Long jump and 60m
U10's 2005 Long jump (u11event) and 60m
U11's 2004 long jump, high jump(U12 event) , Shotputt (U12 event), 60m
U12 2003 long jump (U13 event), high jump, Shotputt, 60m
U13 2002 long jump, high jump (U14 event), shot putt (U14 event), 60m
U14 2001 longjump (U15 event), high jump, shot putt, 60m
U15 2000, long jump, Highjump (U16 event), Shotputt (U16 event), 60m
U16 1999 Highjump, Shotputt, 60m

Clubs must ensure that competitors are technically competent in field events for which they are entered, as lack of technique constitutes a danger to the competitor or others.  

Starting blocks compulsory for U13 – U16  

A maximum of three trials for each field event allow. The best of three to count.  

For field events only, athletes may move up one age group where there is no competition for their age group.  

***** Special Tiny Tots Event *****   
Tiny Tots race will be the first race of the day.   
30m sprint for boys and girls.  

Standards in Long Jump will apply. 
All athletes must be registered. Age as 2014     

Under 11 and upward may wear spikes.  

Admission:   Adults €3.00  Juveniles €2.00  

Teas, Sandwiches, etc. available on the day. 

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