Sunday, August 25, 2013

Week 4 Beginners Training Plan for the Ratoath 5km on the 15th Sept.

Goal- Run/Walking the Ratoath 5km on the 15th Sept and feeling great after it.

Ratoath AC accept no liability for any accident or injury howsoever caused while using this plan. As always please check with your doctor prior to beginning any strenuous exercise and listen to your body as you exercise and stop if you begin to feel unwell, dizzy etc. Always bring some form of id with you with an emergency contact number.

Up to now we've talked about -

"Each training session begins with standing at the door roll your shoulders back, chest out, tummy tucked in, pelvis in under you ... (do the action as if your teacher told you in a sharp tone to 'sit up' :) ) your arms bent at the elbows to 90degrees thumb and index fingers gently touching. "

Cues for Posture and and Keeping light on your feet
"Key cues- Stand tall, quick short light strides, no plodding."

"The running cadence that we're looking for is between 170 and 180 strides per minute and using a metronome, either a small electronic one or a downloaded app on your smartphone (I use a free app metronome pro, electronic digits and easy to set beats right up to 300bpm) is the easiest way of getting this rhythm. "

I won't add anything more to this weeks session, other than changing the run times, but want you to keep it all together.

5mins walk, 12x (1min run, 1min walk), 5 mins walk. remember the cues above "Stand tall, quick short light strides, no plodding"  if you find your cadence slowing, your shoulders dropping STOP re focus both your mind and body and start again. 33mins total

Tuesday - Rest

3min Walk, 4x(4min run, 2min walk), 5mins walk to finish. Long run portion but longer walk recovery to compensate. 30mins total 

Thursday - Rest

Same as Wednesday but if the 4 min runs are to tough then feel free to revert to 1 or 2 min runs instead. It is easier to keep posture and cadence over the shorter run cycles and posture and cadence are more important than time running.
Saturday - Rest

5 mins Walk, 10x (2min run, 1 min walk), 5 min walk to finish. 39 mins total.

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