Friday, August 16, 2013

Week 3 of Beginners Training Plan Starting Monday 19-8-2013

Goal Run/Walking the Ratoath 5km on the
15th Sept
and feeling great after it.

Hopefully by now you'll be getting more comfortable with standing tall as you run and running with a short but snappy cadence. For those interested in a bit more guidance regarding and exact stride rate then there are some free apps out there which can help. The running cadence that we're looking for is between 170 and 180 strides per minute and using a metronome, either a small electronic one or a downloaded app on your smartphone (I use a free app metronome pro, electronic digits and easy to set beats right up to 300bpm) is the easiest way of getting this rhythm. First practice using your arms only while standing, remember held at 90 degrees, and bringing your elbows back swinging with the beat. For a little while stand at home and vary the bpm on the metronome, if you want to have an idea of the pace Usain Bolt is moving his arms and legs then bring the beat up to 300 bpm, and try and get moving your arms with it. If you bring it faster than the 180 and then back down to 180 the arm movement will feel easier. 135-140 bpm is a good walking rate but Rob Heffernan will be up at the 180 mark :). (If you like music then has both an app and podcasts that go up to 180bpm though they are very techno/house and sound frenetic best used when we get to longer runs)
Anyway, the idea is to get both arms and legs moving together running on the spot and then slowly move around but keeping with the quick cadence. Note how you have to keep up on the balls of your feet, it is hard to plod at 180strides per minute but you can still run slow. The next thing is to take this snappy cadence outside. 

5 mins walk, 10 x (1min run, 1 min walk), finishing with 5 min walk. See how you go with the 180 cadence remembering stand tall, shoulders back but relaxed, chest out, tummy tucked in running on the balls of your feet. Remember you don't have to run fast here. 30mins total
5min walk, 6 x (2min run, 1 min walk), finishing with a 5 min walk. 28mins total
Same as Wednesday
5 min Walk, 7 x (2 min run, 1 min walk), finishing with a 5 min walk. 31mins total.

Please, Please, Please take these as a guidance only. You are responsible for for your own body always err on the side of caution, it is always better to do less than to push yourself to meet times. As a small rule of thumb if you are physically well but just don't feel like doing the session, get ready, get out the door, do the plan for 10 mins staying close to home, if after 10mins you are still feeling lethargic call it a day and head back home and save the session for the next day, making sure to get plenty of rest that night. What you will generally find is that the initial 10 mins will clear the cobwebs from mind and body and you will be able finish off feeling strong.

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