Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Ratoath 5km Beginners Plan 6 Weeks to go.

Ratoath 5km Beginners plan for those who have been walking regularly and would like to begin to add running into their workout. 
Ratoath AC accept no liability for any accident or injury howsoever caused while using this plan. As always please check with your doctor prior to beginning any strenuous exercise and listen to your body as you exercise and stop if you begin to feel unwell, dizzy etc. Always bring some form of id with you with an emergency contact number. 
If the run sections are too long for you then change them to fast walking sections and aim this year to walk the Ratoath 5km but to consider training towards run/walking a 5km in the winter. 
Week sun 4th August 6 weeks to go. 
Goal get out min 3 days this week with min 1 day between sessions
some form of digital watch, stopwatch or timer that u know how to use would be a bonus, or your phone stopwatch.  
Comfortable running clothes. 
Pair of running runners. 

Think of what route you will do that should last between 20-30mins on your first estimate. Pick circular route maybe around Steeplechase or the Loop around the village.

Each training session begins with standing at the door roll your shoulders back, chest out, tummy tucked in, pelvis in under you ... (do the action as if your teacher told you in a sharp tone to 'sit up' :) ) your arms bent at the elbows to 90degrees thumb and index fingers gently touching. 

Start your stopwatch or look at your watch to get your start time and start walking controlling your cadence with your arms. Start with a 5 min walk at a good pace for yourself. 
Then depending on how you are feeling keeping tall, 'sitting up' pick up the cadence with your arms and begin to run with very small strides but a quick turnover so you are not running fast over the ground but begin right from the start with correct running form, speed will come much later. Aim not to plod but to try and be as light on your feet as possible for 1 min then bring down the cadence again and walk for 1 min. 
Repeat this run walk pattern for 6 repetitions. If the 1 min run is too much reduce it to 30sec run with 1min 30sec walk for the 6 reps. or as said above dont run at all but make the walk a bit faster.  
Minute by minute breakdown. 
0-5 mins Walk. Cue to yourself 'stand tall'
5-6 is a light on your feet run. Stand Tall, quick arms and short light strides. 
6-7 walk 'tall'
7-8 run 'tall, snappy and light'
8-9 walk 
9-10 run
10-11 walk
11-12 run
12-13 walk
13-14 run
14-15 walk
15-16 run
16-21 walk on home remember to keep tall no slouching. NB this walk cool down is important don't just go from a quick light run to a complete stop. 
You should feel as though that was easy that you could do it all over again and this is exactly what you want to feel. 
Repeat today Wednesday, Friday and Sunday. 
Post comments/questions below or on the Facebook pages and we'll do our best to answer them as quickly as possible. 

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