Sunday, August 11, 2013

Week 2 of Beginners Plan

Goal run/walking the Ratoath 5km on the 15th September and feeling great after it.

We're going to keep more of the same for this week, run/walking as before however we will add one or two extra minutes running to gradually get the body used to more effort but without over stressing.
Monday 5 min walk then 7 x (1 min run, 1 min walk), ending with a 5 min walk. 
5 minute walk but remembering to start as always standing tall, shoulders back arms at 90 degrees, with your pelvis "sitting up". Start with a good fast cadence for your walk as feels comfortable for you.
For each of the 7x 1min runs remember use your arms to increase your cadence use short light strides. You can be travelling over the ground slowly but you are not plodding. You are standing tall, shoulders back, chest out, "sitting up" body good and straight. For each transition to a 1min walk your cadence will slow down and your stride length will increase so you might find that you are travelling at the same speed as when you were running. This is just fine, right now you are teaching your body running posture and cadence (tall, quick, and light). 
5 min walk home to finish but remember no slouching :). 
Tuesday Rest
Wednesday Same as Monday
Thursday Rest
Friday- Slight change here. We're going to increase the run times to 2 mins but decrease the repetitions to 4, ie. 5min walk, 4x (2min run, 1 min walk), 5 min walk. So you will have 8mins of running and just beginning to extend the running time. As always you are in control if you are feeling that this is too long just go back to the 1 min run 1 min walk but do 8 repeats of this instead of the 4x2 minute. Then you are getting the same run time in but with more recovery. Always watch your posture and cadence.
Saturday Rest
Sunday if you felt good on Friday then repeat it here otherwise repeat the session from Monday. 
Key cues- Stand tall, quick short light strides, no plodding. 

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