Thursday, June 7, 2012

Ratoath AC Club Championships DAY 1
Tuesday- June 12th Ratoath AC Track

 Registration (€2 Per Athlete- Registered Members Only)

Programme of Events

6:30pmU15 Girls & Boys 800m1998 & 19996:30pmU9 Girls & Boys Long Jump2004
6:45pmU13 Girls & Boys 600m2000 & 20017:00pmU11 Girls & Boys Long Jump2002& 2003
7:00pmJunior/Senior Men & Women 800m7:30pmU13 Girls & Boys Long Jump2000 & 2001
7:15pmU9 Girls 500m 20048:00pmU15 Girls & Boys Long Jump1998 & 1999
7:30pmU9 Boys 500m2004
7:45pmU11 Girls 500m 2002& 2003
U11 Boys 500m2002& 2003

Note: Club medals and Event medals will be presented on Day 2 of the Championships which will be held on Tuesday the 26th of June.

All Athletes will be eligible to compete in events in their own age group and in the age group directly above them. Example- U10 Girls & Boys will compete in the U11 500m on Day 1, but will complete in their own age group U10 60m on Day 2.

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