Thursday, June 14, 2012

Inter Club League- Day 3

Day 3 of the inter club league is on next Wednesday the 20th of June at 7pm in Claremont, Navan, it is important that we get a good turn out for this event as we are currently in the top half of the league table for this competition. We will meet as usual at our track at 6:10 Pm.

Meath Athletics
Inter–Club League

Wednesday 20th June 7.00pm
Claremont Stadium

Programme: Day 3
Boys & Girls

U9 250m Long Jump Born-2004
U10 60m Ball Throw 2003
U11 100m Long Jump Born-2002
U12 100m Ball Throw Born-2001
U13 600m High Jump Born-2000

U14 200m Discus Born-1999
 U15 800m Long Jump Born-1998
U16 100m Discus Born-1997

Juveniles can only compete in their age group. 
Jun, Sen & Masters: 800m @9.00pm
Jun Sen & Masters Shot Putt at end of evening

2. Max. two events per athlete.
3. Section A club’s best 20 scores to count from each leg.
4. Section B club’s best 10 scores to count from each leg.
5. Maximum two attempts at each height in high jump.
6. Junior Senior & Masters events take place at end of night
Further League Dates: June 27th

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