Sunday, June 7, 2015

Ratoath Ac Club Championships

Day 1 of Ratoath Ac Club Championships will take place this Tuesday evening June 9th. General registration will take place at 6:20pm with events starting at 6:30pm. €2 registration fee applies and all athletes must be registered members of Ratoath Ac in order to compete.
Day 1 will consist of Middle Distance events and Field events for U12,13 and 14 Athletes, Day 2 will take place on June 16th commencing at 6pm with sprint races for u9-Senior level and non-competitive obstacle course for U6,7,8 to show off their variety of skills learnt.
We will also have a fun Mam's and Dads race over 60m.
The balance of U13-16 Field events will take place on day 2, and u9-11 field events will take place during normal training sessions.
Club medals will be presented to u9-12 age groups on day 2, individual event medals will be presented directly after events on Day 1 and 2.
Day1 Events

Middle Distance Events

Field Events
6:30- U9 Girls 300m U13 Boys Shot
U12 Girls L. Jump U12 Boys Turbo J.

6:35- U9 Boys 300m

6:40- U10 Girls 500m

6:45- U10 Boys 500m U13 Girls Shot

6:50-U14 Girls 800m

6:55-U14 Boys 800m

7:00- U11 Girls 600m U15 & 16 Girls Shot U12 Boys L. Jump U12 Girls Turbo J.

7:10- U11 Boys 500m

7:15- U15 Girls 800m U15 & 16 Boys Shot
U14 Girls L. Jump

7:20- U15 Boys 800m

7:25-U12 Girls 600m

7:30- U12 Boys 600m

7:35- U13 girls 600m

U14 Boys L. Jump

7:40- U13 Boys 600m

7:45- u15&16 800m

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