Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Meath Track and Field Championships Day 3 Entry List- May 10th

The following athletes have been entered for day 3 of the Meath Track and Field Championships which take place this Sunday in Claremont Stadium, Navan.

Fionn Heffernan U9-60m
Katie Doherty U9- 500m
Fionn Heffernan U9- Long Jump
Katie Doherty U9- Turbo Jav
Charlie O' Connor U9-60m
Sophie Coroner U9- 500m
Charlie O' Connor U9- Long Jump
Sophie Coroner U9- Turbo Jav
Gavin Witter U9-60m
Amelia Holland U9- 500m
Gavin Witter U9- Long Jump
Isabel Wallace U9- 500m
James Kelly U9-60m
Isabel Wallace U9- Turbo Jav
James Kelly U9- Long Jump
Molly Moran U9- Turbo Jav
Ben O' Neil U10-Turbo Jav
Molly Moran U9- 500m
Ben O' Neil U10-500m
Ciara Coroner U10-60m
Jack Dyas U10-Turbo Jav
Ciara Coroner U10-Long Jump
Jack Dyas U10-500m
Kate Raftery U10-60m
Joshua Connolly U10-Turbo Jav
Kate Raftery U10-Long Jump
Joshua Connolly U10-500m
Eleanor Collins U10-60m
Eoin Kane U11-60m
Eleanor Collins U10-Long Jump
Eoin Kane U11- Long Jump
Kate Lucey U10-60m
Oliver Walter U11-60m
Kate Lucey U10-Long Jump
Oliver Walter U11- Long Jump
Caoimhe Fitzsimons U10-60m
Matthew Keane U11-60m
Caoimhe Fitzsimons U10-Long Jump
Matthew Keane U11- Long Jump
Ciara Flanagan U10-60m
John O Connell U11-60m
Ciara Flanagan U10-Long Jump
John O Connell U11- Long Jump
Caoimhe McDonnell U10-60m
Harry O' Connor U11-60m
Caoimhe McDonnell U10-Long Jump
Harry O' Connor U11-Long Jump
Jane Dolan U10-60m
Kyle Witter U12-600m
Jane Dolan U10-Long Jump
Kyle Witter U12-Turbo Jav
Eline Lund U10-Long Jump
Fionn Drummond U12-600m
Grace Toole U10-60m
Fionn Drummond U12-Turbo Jav
Erin O' Reilly U10-Long Jump
Fionn Drummond U12-60m Hurdles
Erin O' Reilly U10-60m
Fionn Drummond U12-High Jump
Sophie Quinn U11-600m
Tom Kilgannon U13-600m
Sophie Quinn U11-High Jump
Stephen Kiernan U13-600m
Sophie Quinn U11-Turbo Jav
Adam Quinn U14-800m
Niamh Murray U11-High Jump
Adam Quinn U14-High Jump
Niamh Murray U11-600m
Adam Quinn U14-Shot Putt
Niamh Murray Turbo Jav
Ben Toole U14-High Jump
Lily Nannery U11-600m
Ben Toole U14-200m
Lily Nannery Turbo Jav
Ben Toole U14-800m
Roisin Flynn U11-High Jump
Matthew Buckley U14-200m
Roisin Flynn Turbo Jav
Matthew Buckley U14-75M Hurdles
Aisling Stratford U11-600m
Brian Kiernan U17-200m
Aisling Stratford Turbo Jav
Philip Marron U18-3000m
Sophie Greene U11-High Jump
Ciaran Crowther U18-3000m
Sophie Greene Turbo Jav
Eoin Clayton U18-Long Jump
Ellie Mahon U11-600m
Eoin Clayton U18-110m Hurdles
Ellie Mahon Turno Jav
Peter Doherty Master-200m
Hannah Bailey Turbo Jav

Hannah Bailey U11-600m

Hannah Bailey Turno Jav

Laura Kelly U11-High Jump

Aimee Doherty U12-60m

Aimee Doherty U12-Long Jump

Matilda Ruhan U12-60m

Eno Okome U12-60m

Eabha Toole U12-60m

Molly Keane U12-60m

Molly Keane U12-Long Jump

Molly Keane U12-60 Hurdles

Lili O' Connor U13-60m Hurdles

Lili O' Connor U13-Long Jump

Sophie O' Connor U14-200m

Sophie O' Connor U14-Shot Putt

Emma Scattergood U14-Shot Putt

Emma Coroner U14-75m Hurdles

Emma Coroner U14- 200m

Kate Smith U14-75m Hurdles

Kate Smith U14-800m

Lara Power U15-High Jump

Lara Power U15-Long Jump

Lara Power U15-80m Hurdles

Maria Rogers U15-80m Hurdles

Zara Kane U15-High Jump

Zara Kane U15-Long Jump

Rachel Doherty U15-High Jump

Karen Hayes U15-High Jump

Karen Hayes U15-800m

Aine Cooney U15-80m Hurdles

Aine Cooney U15-Long Jump

Aine Cooney U15-200m

Katie Lewis U17-200m

Clodagh Fitzpatrick Master 3000m

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