Friday, May 8, 2015

Meath Championships Programme-Sunday May 10th

Track Events

Field Events

11.00am Junior/Senior/Mast
3000m Walk
9.00am J,S,Masters Ladies Javelin

1500m Walk

Masters 50-59 Ladies Javelin

Masters 60+ Ladies Javelin


J,S,Masters Men Javelin
11.00am U/12 Girls 60MH

Master 50-59 Men Javelin

U/12 Boys 60MH

Master 60-69 Men Javelin

U/13 Girls 60MH

Master 70-79 Men Javelin

U/13 Boys 60MH

Master 80+ Men Javelin

U/14 Girls 75MH

Finals of Above Hurdles as Required

U/15 Girls Javelin

U/15 Boys Javelin

U/14 Boys 75mH

U/13 Girls Javelin

U/15 Girls 80mH

U/13 Boys Javelin

U/16 Girls 80mH

U/18 Women 100mH
9.00am U/15 Girls Discus
Finals of Above Hurdles as Required

U/15 Boys Discus

U/13 Girls Discus

U/15 Boys 80mH

U/13 Boys Discus

U/16 Boys 100mH

Finals of Above Hurdles as Required

11.00am U/09 Girls TurboJav
12.30pm Jun/Sen Women 100mH

U/10 Boys TurboJav

U/18 Men 110mH

U/11 Girls TurboJav

Jun Men 110mH

U/12 Boys TurboJav

Sen Men 110mH

Finals of Above Hurdles as Required
11.00am U/12 Girls Shot

U/14 Girls Shot

U/14 Boys Shot


U/16 Girls Shot

U/16 Boys Shot

U/10 Girls 60m

U/13  Boys Shot

U/09 Boys 60m

U/12 Girls 60m

U/11 Boys 60m


Finals of 60m

U/14 Girls 200m
11.00am U/11 Girls High Jump

U/14 Boys 200m

U/12 Boys High Jump

U/15 Girls 200m

U/14 Boys High Jump

U/15 Boys 200m

U/15 Girls High Jump

U/16 Girls 200m

U/16 Boys High Jump

U/16 Boys 200m

U/18 Girls High Jump

U/18 Girls 200m

U/18 Boys 200m
11.00am J,S,Masters Ladies Triple Jump

Finals of 200m

J,S,Masters Men Triple Jump

U/16 Boys Triple Jump
1.00pm J,S,Masters Ladies 200m

J,S,Masters Men 200m
11.00am U/18 Girls Long Jump

U/18 Boys Long Jump

U/10 Girls Long Jump


2.00pm J,S,Masters Ladies 3000M

U/09 Boys Long Jump
2.15pm J,S,Masters Men 3000M

U/11 Boys Long Jump

U/12 Girls Long Jump

U/09 Girls 500m

U/15 Girls Long Jump

U/10 Boys 500m

U/15 Boys Long Jump

U/11 Girls 600m

U/13 Girls Long Jump

U/12 Boys 600m

U/13 Boys 600m

U/14 Girls 800m

U/14 Boys 800m

U/15 Girls 800m

U/15 Boys 800m

U/16 Girls 800m

U/16 Boys 800m

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