Sunday, June 1, 2014


The Ratoath Ac Club Championships will take place this Tuesday evening June 3rd. General registration will take place at 6:20pm with events starting at 6:30pm. €2 registration fee applies and all athletes must be registered members of Ratoath Ac in order to compete.
This year the championships are expanded to get athletes from every age group involved with sprints, mid distance, and field events from U9+, and non-competitive obstacle course for U6,7,8 to show off their variety of skills learnt. We have adult 100m sprints and middle distance 800m and a fun Mam's and Dads race over 60m.
U9's will have their sprints and Mid distance events on this Tues and will have their field events Turbojav and Long jump on the following Monday.
Details of events here.

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