Monday, September 19, 2011

Star of the Sea AC Annual Cross Country Meeting

Greenanstown, Stamullen, Co. Meath
September 25th
Note: Venue will be signposted from Duleek to Julianstown road and from Stamullen village.
Juvenile programme commences at 11am
GIRLS                                                 BOYS
RACE 1: U9 500M                             RACE 2: U9 500M
RACE 3: U10 800M                           RACE 4: U10 800M
RACE 5: U11 1500M                         RACE 6: U11 1500M
RACE 7: U12 2,000M                        RACE 8: U12 2,000M
RACE 9: U13 2,500M                        RACE 10: U13 2,500M
RACE 11: U14 3,000M                      RACE 12: U14 3,000M
RACE 13: U15 3,500M                      RACE 14: U15 3,500M
RACE 15: U17 4,000M                      RACE 16: U17 5,000M

Junior, senior and masters programme commences at 12:45pm
Womens: Junior, senior and masters (M1, M2, M3) 4,000m
Mens: Junior, senior and masters (M1, M2, M3) 6,000m
PLEASE NOTE: Registration for junior, senior and masters races on the day –

3 per team for all juvenile races
Junior and senior teams can contain any combination of junior and senior atheletes – 3 per team.
Masters teams can contain any combination of atheletes of M1, M2 and M3 – 3 per team.
Junior races are under 20 years of age.
All ages as at 31st December 2011
Prizes for 1st 6 Juveniles and 1st 3 teams
Cash prizes for 1st 3 junior, senior and masters.
Prizes for 1st 3 masters in M1, M2, M3.
Masters ladies - over 35 and Masters men - over 40.
Team managers to hand in score cards within 10mins of finish of each race.
Sean Higgins Memorial Perpetual Trophy presented to the winner of the boys U17 race.
Star of the Sea A.C. Shield presented to the best juvenile club.
Paula Dunne 041 9835745 or
Brendan Meade 087-2533113
Or Email:
Or check us on facebook: Star Of The Sea Athletic Club

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