Thursday, April 7, 2011

Little Athletics is moving Outdoors :)

Little Athletics is moving from inside the hall to outside. We very much appreciate the willingness of Máire Ní Bhróithe, Principle of Ratoath College, in facilitating our move outside onto the College's Training area behind the hall.

This is a fantastic area, flat with concrete seats for the parents to sit and hopefully enjoy the evening sunshine as the young athletes have fun. Be aware that this is outside so please make sure that the athletes are dressed appropriately i.e. warm tracksuit and jacket when it is cold and dressed in layers with a bag to keep clothes dry otherwise.

Please note that there are NO TOILET FACILITIES so make sure that all necessities are taken care of prior to arriving at the training.

Whilst younger siblings may have to be there with you please be responsible for them. If they are too young to be members i.e., not going to be 5 this year then they are too young to join in and are at risk of getting injured if they get in the way of a fast running 8 year old or a coach moving backwards, so bring something to keep them occupied.

And finally if you feel that you can help out in any way, helping out in keeping control of the lines, working with the coaches etc please let us know. Fill out one of the new leader forms in the documents tab above and bring it with you. If you are not already helping out in the community then please consider helping us out here in the Athletics, no prior experience required just a willingness to work as a team and with enthusiasm and a sense of fun.

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