Thursday, November 19, 2015

Meath Awards 2015

The annual Meath Awards took place last Sunday the 14th of November in the Ardboyne hotel Navan. Huge congratulations to Ratoath Athletic Club athletes, coaches and committee on a very successful Meath Awards night.
The club would not have been so successful this year if it had not of been for the hard work and dedication put in by all our fantastic coaches for training, organising and encouraging all athletes to take part in the various events.
Big thank you must also go the athlete’s parents for taking their children to training each week and also for traveling to all the events to encourage and support our athletes.

All the underage athletes who won medals at National Championships this year were presented with plaques by Meath Athletics Honorary President Dessie Gough to acknowledge their achievement. The following are the Ratoath AC National Medal Winners:

Aimee Doherty: -3rd in National u12 Indoor 600m         
Alex Hunter:      2nd in u17 2000m Steeplechase    
Deirdre Healy:   3rd in national indoor   U19 1500m
Lili O’Connor:  1st in   u13 National Indoor 60m Hurdles and 1st in 60m Outdoor Hurdles
Matthew Buckley: 1st in u14 National 60m Sprint,  2nd in National Indoor 60m Hurdles,  1st in Outdoor 80m Sprint, 2nd in Outdoor 75m Hurdles, 1st in the national u 14 200m

Ratoath AC win the treble 
This year for the first time ever ratoath ac won the top three juvenile club awards

Best Juvenile Club at the Cross Country Championships 2014

Best Juvenile Club at the T&F Championships 2015 The Bob Heffernan Shield    

Inter Club Track & Field League 2015:  Division A Winners by 100 points:  Ratoath AC.

Our U9's had a very successful year in their first year of competing winning both girls and boys U9 Meath team of the year.

The Heffernan Cup: Girls U9 Team:           Ratoath AC                                                                                        
Na Fianna Cup: Boys U9 Team:                  Ratoath AC                                          

Meath Athlete's of the year

Cross Country & Road Meath Athlete of the year

U11-13            Girls                Aimee Doherty 

U17-19            Girls                Deirdre Healy             

Track & Field Meath Athlete of the year

U11-13 Track            Girls    Lili O’Connor     
U14-16 Track and field Meath Athlete of the year 
Girls    Emma Coroner  
Boys    Matthew Buckley       

Senior Track  Meath Athlete of the year    Conor Duncan    

Well done to all the Club athletes and their coaches on a very successful year, they well deserve to be acknowledged as they are a hard working talented group of athletes. 

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