Thursday, February 19, 2015

Living the Dream

Happy to report that the Ratoath A/C warm weather training group of Philip & Diarmuid Marron, Joe and Peter Kilgannon and Alex and Derek Hunter have acclimatised well to the demanding training conditions in Monte Gardo, Portugal.

 Rising every morning at 7 am for a beach run, the afternoon is spent in the gym with a  final hill or track  session in the evening before getting to bed early.  The only downside is that the lads are being distracted by the presence of six national u 16 girls soccer teams that are playing in an official UEFA tournament. However, parents, spouses and loved one's need not worry as Bernie and I sit in the lobby sitting herbal tea for most of the night to ensure all is above board and the lads are fully rested for the next day's training. Facilities are top class with an international class track, pool, running trails and a beautiful beach all in close proximity. Temperatures hit high teens in the afternoon but it gets chilly at night

Its a dogs life but someone has to do it

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