Monday, August 25, 2014

Adult training sessions for week of 25th August

Congratulations to all those who did the Frank Duffy 10 mile at the weekend - you are now well on your way to your full or half marathon goal for the year - you are 4 weeks from the Dublin half or 8 from the full Dublin Marathon. Keep it up....

Basic beginners
Monday – Wednesday – Friday
600m jog (that’s 1.5 laps), 200m walk (Repeat 4 times)

Adult / F4L
Monday - Speed Session

Warm Up
Dynamic Stretching
8 x 1 min with 1 min rec
3 x 30m sprints
Warm down

Wednesday Tempo Session
4 x easy laps + dynamic stretches
3 x 8 mins with 2 min recovery
4 x easy laps cool down


Hill of Tara Session
each loop = approx.      2 miles inside on grass
                                   5 miles outside on road

Saturday Long Run

Group A – 11

Group B – 14 miles

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