Sunday, February 3, 2013

Dunboyne Local Club Competition 3-2-2013 update

Reminder for Ratoath AC members that we are meeting at our track at 11:15 to be in Dunboyne before the 12:00 start time.

Information below received from Dunboyne--

Parking at Dunboyne A.C carpark for the Dunshaughlin, Rotoath and Tara clubs. Dunboyne AC members are asked to consider parking at library on way into village-approx 300m away.

THERE ARE 4 EVENTS FOR EACH AGE GROUP BELOW IS THE STARTING EVENTS FOR EACH AGE GROUP AT 12:00. When these finish they'll move onto their next event.

Starting Lineup of Events
1. U10s boys & girls ( Born 2004) long jump.

2. U11s boys & girls (Born 2003) turbo javelin.

3. U9 boys & girls (Born 2005) 60m sprints heats and finals

4. U12 boys & girls (Born 2002) 60m sprints heats and finals

5. Longer distance races will be run off at end of above events.

U9 (Born2005) 300m
U10(Born 2004) 500m
U11 (Born 2003) 600m
U12(Born 2002) 600m

A Perpetual Shield will be presented to the club with the overall greatest performance at close of meet.

All athletes regardless of their level of fitness level or ability are welcome - no pressure will be put on any child to compete at any particular event if they choose not to compete at the last minute.The long jump and turbojav are more in the way of fun events . No child will be too far behind in a 60m race. The longer distances are left to the end of the meet so as to allow those who do not wish to compete not to feel left out. Long jump will be a sand foot mark for U9 to U11 and from the board for u12. Due to the gravel surface all races will be a standing start.

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