Monday, August 13, 2012

Fit4Life Group Training

Monday 13th - Training is on TONIGHT Monday at the Track at 7pm with AnneMarie.

Tuesday 14th August at Hill of Tara …. Meet at track at 6pm or starting training at Hill of Tara at 6.30pm (sharp)

Intermediate Level or Advanced Level Only….

(You should be able to comfortably do a 5k run without stopping before attempting this training session)

Please ensure you have a training partner at the same level who can run with you as parts of this run are quite secluded and we do not recommend anyone running on their own.

Group 1: 7.30-8.30 min/mile (4:40 to 5:15 min/k) pace runners

Group 2: 9-10.00 min/mile (5:35 to 6:10 min/k pace runners

Each lap 2.1 miles approx.

Fit4Life Group: Track open at 7.30pm for use if you wish to use it. No coaches available however please do not hesitate to contact Siobheal 0868540550 if you wish to discuss training plan

Thursday 16th August at Track (6pm sharp) €2 subs required once per week (no matter how many times you use track)

If you forgot last week please bring €4 this week (Thanks)

Speed Session Track open for use for Fit4Life Group jogging/walking

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