Friday, August 3, 2012

Cross Country Training for Juveniles

Cross Country season starts end of September and to be ready for it athletes need to prepare. There will be 3 45min sessions each week for the month of August Tuesday at 7:30pm at the track, Friday 7:00pm at Fairyhouse and back at the track on Sundays at 12:00pm. Note parking very tight on Fridays outside fairyhouse.
These sessions are run by Gerry who is our most experienced and qualified coach assisted by Peter and Tom.
Distances are planned to decrease this year for the younger age groups likely to be (not confirmed)
U9 750m
U10 1000m
U11 1200m
U12 1500m
U13 2000m
U14 2500m
U15 3000m
As the ages get older I'm less sure of what the final decisions were but will update them later.

As you can see for our young athletes to run these distances safely they need to put in at least 3 days training.
So while the general training is over for the month of August there are still sessions there for your young athlete to train in.

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