Friday, February 18, 2011

Meath Senior Cross Country and Juvenile Relays

The Meath Senior Cross Country and Juvenile Relays for 2010 will take place at Ardbracan on Sunday 6th March 2011.

Please note that the Juvenile Relays are based on 2010 age categories. e.g. Children born in 2001 (Under 11 this year) and 2002 can run in the under 10 relay as they were under 10 and under 9 last year. Children born in 2000 and 1999 can run in the Under 12 event, 1998,1997 Under 14 and 1996,1995 Under 16.

This is a cross country 4 X 250m or 4 X 500m relay that does not require a slick hand-over as is the case for 4 X 100m track relay. Baton exchange is same as for 400m track relay ie all receive in left and, change hands and hand over out of right hand 250 m for u 10 , u 12 and 500m for u 14 & u 16. Last years ages apply. Need to nominate a sub and get full commitment on availability from all athletes.

This is a great team event for our runners with much shorter distances to run than the standard cross country. However it is a Team Event that means if someone says they are going to be there and then does not turn up, the rest of the team does not run. So for the parents if you have said that you will bring your child to the event it is very important that you do turn up. If we get a good response we can have more than one team in each event.

Please note also that Athletes must be registered and as this this process takes over a week if you are not registered and want to compete get those forms to us ASAP.
Forms available for download here

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