Friday, January 22, 2021

AAI Covid-19 Guidance – 22/01/21


AAI Covid-19 Guidance 22/01/21

The Athletics Ireland Covid Group continue to work closely with the Sport Ireland Expert Group in regard to providing our members with regular updates and information during this difficult time. We are coordinating regular, on-going discussions with key stakeholders on a return to competition as soon as possible and we thank you all for your patience regarding this challenging matter.

Covid-19 Athletics FAQ’s

1. Can members run and exercise in public parks?

Yes, on an individual basis and not in groups. Persons may exercise in pairs being mindful of others and keep a social distance between other park users. Avoid congregating in groups when exercising outdoors. Please be mindful of pedestrians at all times. Remember that exercise can only be taken with one other person under level 5 restrictions.

2. Can athletics clubs open their facilities for individuals to use for exercise?

No, all clubs must remain closed at this time. The only exception is for a small group of high-

performance athletes who have an exemption to continue to train. These athletes have a letter of exemption from the HPD. Access to facilities by high performance athletes should be agreed locally with the club.

3. Are AAI registered club members covered by AAI insurance when exercising from home?

Yes, if the session is part of a coordinated programme supplied by their club, the AAI personal accident insurance is in place. Additionally, all AAI registered members participating on a live virtual club training session facilitated by their club coach are also covered under the AAI personal accident insurance cover.

4. What are the international travel guidelines?

Athletics Ireland is following the Department of Foreign Affairs guidelines as per the EU Traffic Light System. Note all guidance can be found here outside-of-ireland/

Current Government guidance for level 5 for exercise and sport is as follows: Exercise and sporting events

People may meet with people from one other household in outdoor settings when taking exercise. No indoor or outdoor exercise group activities, including those involving children, should take place. Outdoor golf and tennis are not permitted.

Individual training only. No exercise or dance classes. No indoor or outdoor gatherings involving “individual training” except for professional and elite sports.

Matches and Events

Professional, elite sports, horse racing, greyhound racing and approved equestrian events only are permitted to continue behind closed doors.

No other matches or events are to take place.

Gyms, leisure centres and swimming pools

Gyms, leisure centres and swimming pools are closed.

Full details of level 5 restrictions can be found at the following link:

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