Monday, November 9, 2020

Athletics Ireland Covid FAQ – level 5 06/11/2020


Athletics Ireland Covid FAQ
level 5

  1. What athletes can train during level 5? All elite athletes (definition below) and school going children and young people aged 18 years or below can attend club training.

  2. How many children can train together? Pods of 15 including the coaches can train outdoors together socially distanced and following good hygiene etiquette.

  3. How many pods are allowed in an outdoor setting? Multiple pods can train where space allows for social distancing.

  4. What is the definition of an elite athlete? Senior international athletes are defined as elite.

  5. Can school going children and elite athletes travel beyond 5km to attend training? Yes, they


  6. Can coaches travel beyond the 5km limit to deliver training sessions: Yes, coaches are

    allowed to travel over 5km to attend club training sessions.

  7. Can athletes and coaches cross county boundaries? Yes, if travelling to a club training.

  8. Can we use indoor facilities for training? No, indoor facilities remain closed under level 5.

  9. Do we have to continue using the Athletics Ireland booking app and health questionnaire

    before every training session? Yes, for contact tracing purposes the booking app and the health questionnaire should be used before each training session. See the following link for the booking app.

  10. Can athletes and coaches cross from the six counties into the Republic? Yes, for the purpose of delivering a club training session for school going children 18 years or younger and elite athletes.

  11. Does all equipment e.g. hurdles, javelins, shots, etc., require sanitising before and after use? Yes, the guidelines regarding sanitising equipment remain in place.

  12. Can adults train collectively in groups? No, only individual training for adults is allowed.

  13. Can competitions or matches take place? No, competitions or matches cannot take place in

    level 5.

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