Friday, October 2, 2015

Competition Code of Conduct

As we head in to the Cross Country Competition season we would like to remind Parents, Coaches & Mentors of the Competition Code of Conduct.

Competition Code of Conduct for Parents, Coach & Mentors

Parents/Guardians should lead by example

Adopt a positive attitude to their children’s participation
Respect officials’ decisions and encourage children to do likewise

Do not exert undue pressure on your child.
Never admonish your own child or any other child for their performance
Be realistic in their expectations
Show approval for effort, not just results
Never embarrass a child or use sarcastic remarks
Applaud good performances from all children
Do not criticise children’s performances
Do not seek to unfairly affect a result
Do not enter the competition area unless specifically invited to do so by an

Official in charge

Never use foul language or provocative language/gestures to Officials Do not question an Officials decisions or integrity

Encourage children to respect and accept the judgement of officials
Promote Fair Play

Check the programme for the Referee/Childrens Officers name these are the people to speak to if you have a complaint
Athletics Ireland is fully committed to providing a positive, fair & safe environment for our children and officials. Athletics Ireland acknowledges that without the commitment of our officials, who give freely and generously of their time, it would not be possible to provide competitive opportunities for your children
Officials have a duty to be impartial, fair & fully informed of competition rules & regulations 

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