Wednesday, August 5, 2015

New Season Training Times / Cross Country Information

Please see below training times for the up and coming season, due to our large and increasing numbers we have to restrict all athletes this season to train in their age groups at their allocated time, athletes will not be allowed to move into an older or younger age group training session. Training will recommence on Tuesday August 18th and our first Phoenix Park training session will commence on Sunday August 30th.

U10 Age Group-  6-7pm, H.Kelly, K. Heffernan
U11 Age Group- 5:30-6:30pm, S. Murray, J. Kelly
U12-13 Endurance & Sprint Competition Group 6:30-7:30pm C. Buckley, P. Doherty,
U12-16 Endurance and Sprint Development Group 6:30-7:30pm F. Casey, H Fleming
U12-16 Fitness Group 6:30-7:30pm R. Grant, R. Smith
U14-Junior, Competition Endurance Group 7:30-8:30pm G. Finnegan, N. Crowther
U11-16 Jump & Throws Group 7-8pm S. Murray, P. Bateson, R. Quigley
Little Athletics
Re-commencing Tuesday September 1st
U6-7  6:15-7pm  S. McGoldrick
U8 7-7:45pm  S. McGoldrick
U9 Age Group- 6:30-7:30pm, J. Coroner, L. Doherty, P.Doherty
U10-11 Sprint and Endurance Competition Group 6:30-7:30pm H. Kelly, P. Doherty
U12-13 Sprint and Endurance Competition Group 7:30-8:30pm C. Buckley. P. Doherty, S. McGoldrick
U14-Junior, Competition Endurance Group 7:30-8:30pm G. Finnegan, N. Crowther
High Jump Training U11-15 5-6pm Cushinstown, Re-commencing Friday 
September 4th, S. Murray
Sprint Competition Group 7:30-8:45pm, Re-commencing Friday
 September 25th,  C. Buckley, P. Doherty
Junior Endurance and Sprint Group Gym Session 8am- Ashbourne, G. Finnegan, P. Doherty
U14-Junior, Competition Endurance Group Santry/Phoenix Park Run- G. Finnegan
U16-Junior, Competition Endurance Group Ardgillan Park Run- G. Finnegan
U9-15 Endurance Competition Group Phoenix Park Run 11am- Commencing August 30th- 
P. Doherty, F. Casey, H.Kelly
U11-19 Competition Sprint Group, Phoenix Park Hill Session 11am- Commencing
 August 30th-
 C. Buckley, P. Doherty

Cross Country Championships

Please note we have changed our competition policy for the up and coming Cross Country season, athletes from u9-14 will only compete in their age group and will not be permitted to compete in an older age group. This policy change is to allow greater development of our fringe athletes in our younger age groups, reduce pressure on athletes competing in two age categories, and to assist in the long term development of all our younger athletes. 

The Meath Even age Cross Country Championships will take place on the 4th of October and Un-Even age Championships on October 11th, venues and entry dates to be confirmed. 

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