Sunday, October 5, 2014

Adult Training Session - From Monday 6th October

Fit4Life Group
Warm Up/ Drills / Cool down as part of main group
Training: Min of 7 laps without stopping or Join main adult Group Speed Session - its time based so you use your own pace over this time

Adult Group 

Monday Speed Session 
2 lap warm up
Dynamic Stretching Session
6 x 2 minutes with 1 minute recovery
3 x flying 60m sprints
Warm Down Static Stretching
2 x Cool Down Laps

Wednesday Tempo Session

2 lap warm up
2 x 10 minutes
2 minutes recovery
2 lap cool down

Long Runs - Saturday

Those doing the Dublin City Marathon should have peaked their mileage or be about to undertake their last “big” run. If you've started your taper you should be looking at somewhere between 14 – 16 miles this week

Its important at this stage to stay injury free – lots of foam rolling and icing of strains. There’s been too much mileage put in at this point to miss out now

The mornings and evenings are a lot darker now – dress sensibly for the darkness – reflective strips or bibs – lights if you have them. Try running in lit areas as broken paths and pot holes could injure you and put you out for weeks

Those of you not doing the Marathon should be keeping up the weekly long run – many of you have put in huge efforts this year from completion of your first 5k to completion of the Dublin City Half Marathon – Remember the miles drop off quicker than they go on so you need to maintain a level as the colder weather kicks in

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