Monday, September 15, 2014

Adult Training Session - From Monday 15th September

Fit4Life group
Warm Up/ Drills / Cool down as normal
Training : 5-6 laps without stopping

Adult Group 

Monday Speed Session 

(Cautionary note to those who did the 5k yesterday that your muscles may be feeling stiff - if so, you shouldn't push yourself too hard this evening - stay within your comfort zone)

4 lap warm up
Dynamic Stretching Session
10 x 1 minute with 1 minute recovery
3 x flying 60m sprints
Warm Down Static Stretching
2 x Cool Down Laps

Wednesday Tempo Session
4 lap warm up
1 x 8 minutes
2 minutes recovery
1 x 5 minutes
2 lap cool down

Long Runs - Saturday
This weekend coming is the Dublin Half Marathon in the Phoenix Park - Best of luck to those taking part. 

Long runs as a result wont be offered for this week

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