****Please remember that all athletes must be registered with the club by 26th of January in order to be registered with Athletics Ireland and covered under insurance to use the track.****

Mondays @ 7.30pm: Speed intervals (coached)

Levels: All levels of runners (comfortably running 5k)
Coaches: Fiona, Ritchie, Mary
Location : Track    Ratoath Athletic Club
Format: warm up laps, drills, intervals, stretching,cool down laps

Wednesday @7:15pm (meet and train)

Levels: All levels of runners (comfortably running 5k)
Location: meet at track
Format: on track/road

Thursdays at 7.30pm (coached: small group)  Gerrys Group @7:30pm
Levels: By invitation only :
5K qualifying times under 20mins for men , under 28 for women
Format: Performance improvement/marathon training
Coaches: Gerry, Noel

Fridays @ 9.30am (meet and train)
Levels: all levels
Location: meet at track
Format: easy run (track/road) and coffee

Saturdays (8/8.30am : time may vary : long run: meet and train)
Levels : long run (5/6 miles up to marathon training)
Check with coaches/facebook group/whatsapp group

Other : small groups arrange to meet and run at various times during the week depending on what events they are currently training for.

Fit4 life/couch to 5k: next session will run in August/September 2018 and will finish with entry to the Ratoath 5k on 8/9.

FACE BOOK GROUP: Facebook group


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