**Level 5 Covid Restrictions are in place and due to this we cannot take new members at this time Please contact and let us know if you are looking to join as an adult or if you have a child who would like to join us please give the child's year of birth and we will send you the details for their training group


Re-registration is 1st of January each year no matter what month of the year members register.

For all Training times and fee enquiries regarding joining Ratoath AC please send an email to with the training group you are interested in i.e. Adult or Juvenile.
For juvenile please include your child's year for birth as training groups are divided this way.

For all renewal enquires contact us by email at

*Please note juveniles can only train in the training group allocated to their year of birth.
Juveniles only have access to the track during designated training time for their age groups and only with designated coaches*  

Children may not train on the track during adult training sessions and adults may not train on the track during juvenile training times.

Parents must stay for little athletics training.

Only Athletes and designated coaches allowed on the track or inside the gates of the blue tartan sprint track during training sessions.

Please read  Ratoath Athletic Club Code of Practice 2020 
before joining for our procedures for training.


Due to Level 5 Lock down restrictions we are not excepting new members at this time please contact

Please contact Ratoath Athletics Registration to register or if you are having problems renewing.

All 2020 members will have receive an email in the first week of January with a link for them to renew membership for 2021, if you have not received this yet please email and we can resend.

These documents are for Ratoath AC members and those who wish to join our club.

 Ratoath Athletic Club Code of Practice 2020

CHILD SAFEGUARDING 2021 Information:

Athletics Ireland Child Safeguarding Statement.pdf
Child Safeguarding Risk Assessment

Athletics Ireland GDRP Policy

Link to a lists of policy documents for the Athletic Association of Ireland

Fit4Life Health Screening Questionaire
New Leader Form 2011
Bullying Policy
Rules of Competition of ISAA